Pilera 2009-2023

Pilera has been around for over a decade and has continued to innovate in the property management and community association management industries. Here you can see a list of some of the stand out features. For a complete list of features and release notes please check out our blog section.

  • 2009

    Pilera is founded

    2011 website

    Pilera launches to the public. Customers can now send email and phone calls to their residents with ease.

  • 2015

    SMS texting, ticket notifications & analytics

    SMS Texting

    The industry leader in communication

    Pilera’s first text message is sent! We now support phone, email and text messaging. In addition Pilera automatically sends out messages in the residents preferred language. We are one of the first to adopt this feature which provides a variety of options including Spanish for phone calls.

    Another exciting feature is the new built in message delivery fault-protection. When you send a message you can sleep easy, we attempt multiple tries even when the service network is down or other emergency situations.

    Smaller but noticeable improvements to the messaging app is better customization and decoration of messages. Previously messages were plain text in emails but now you can adjust the color, font size, weight, create tables and more. You can add any flourish you would like to your emails to make them stand out from the rest.

    Introduce your company right

    Pilera now automatically invites new residents to the community. Don’t waste time having to remember when and how to invite residents to the portal. When the resident goes to login they will also be greeted by your own companies branding. The login page is now customized to each client.

    Ticket notifications

    Two new ticket types were added in common area work orders and activity logs. All of your tickets now include automated notification, something many other competitors still do not have.


    2-way integration was added for Caliber and VMS. TOPS integration is now live. Financials were added for C3. Jenark has a number of new features including at-attorney support and integration with work orders, violations, and architectural change requests.

    Release Notes: January | June | November

  • 2016

    Knowledge base & new ticketing

    Knowledge Base was introduced in Pilera.

    Unit work order was introduced in Pilera

    A new support section for residents and managers

    We are happy to introduce the Pilera knowledge base, a searchable help center for both residents and managers. Each article has it’s own permissions to hide or show to just management, owners, tenants, or all occupants.

    Brand new tickets system for work orders, violations, and activity logs

    The Pilera ticketing system is completely redesigned into a best-in-class ticketing system. With a much stronger back end and more advanced features we take task prioritization to a new level.

    Easier administration

    The pretender feature allows managers to see through the eyes of their residents making support issues easier. Occupants can now add and manage the other occupants in their units. Send document now supports sending to the entire community. Communication credits can be purchased at the company level instead of per community.


    Additional automated reports are introduced giving high level employees vital information without ever having to log into the portal. Work order and release expiration reports aggregate time sensitive information.


    TOPS balance, renter and Paylease are now supported.  C3 balances are brought into Pilera. Formsite forms work in Pilera and information such as name, unit number, and email are automatically populated into the forms. Previously there was only one payment option per company, now you can have many payment options to give your residents options. CINC integration has payment support.

    Release Notes: January | February | June | December

  • 2017

    Portfolio management, vendors, enhanced user permissions

    Vendor management app in Pilera gets introduced.

    Portfolio ticket management gives greater visibility

    Managers can see their tickets across multiple communities, common area and unit work orders are merged into a single dashboard. Tickets can now be assigned to managers or vendors. The very popular PDF print sheets is rolled out.

    Faster texts and send document

    Text messaging speed was drastically improved by a rate of 15x it’s previous delivery speed. You can now send multiple documents out in a single message.

    New feature: vendor

    The vendor management application is officially rolled out. Easily track insurance expiration direction in the application and send automated notifications of the expiration to both the managers and the vendor.

    User role administration

    Manage your users permissions in more ways then ever before. Not only are their owners, tenants, and managers but managers can now be broken up to have certain permissions in the application.


    C3 mailing labels. At-attorney support for TOPS. VMS other-occupants import and at-attorney.

    Release Notes: March | July | August | October | November | December

  • 2018

    Eight incredible new features & improvements for 2018!

    community website

    Pet & insurance tracking

    Residents and managers can now add general insurance and/or pet information including name, type of pet and insurance dates.

    Global search & welcome message dashboard

    We are proud to introduce the much requested feature of a global search. Our fast and responsive occupant search now searches your entire portfolio in seconds to find exactly who you are looking for.

    First we had automated welcome messages but now we have an easy-to-use dashboard that shows you who has received an invite, who has logged in, and you can invite new people directly from the dashboard.

    New document library & community directory

    The new document library drastically improves document management not only in your community but across your entire portfolio. Build out a comprehensive file structures with occupant permissions and sharable links.

    The community directory is a table that residents can opt into. Other residents can see relevant contact information and better know their community.

    Mobile responsive and modern community websites

    The community websites gets a hefty revamped to be mobile-friendly and use a modern code-base that is SEO friendly. Not only does it look better, is easier to use, but it also work on a variety of devices. Choose from a variety of templates and customize them to meet your communities decor.

    Community PDF report

    Our most popular report is finally here! The community PDF report was first released for work orders and is an quick way to present a beautiful report to your board of directors.


    Caliber multi-transaction support. Calpay integration.

    Release Notes: February | March | April | May | June | August | August 28th | September | November | November 27th | December

  • 2019

    Pilera goes mobile! Tasks, arch requests, and event calendars


    Pilera’s new mobile web app!

    By 2019 Pilera is over a decade old and its application is starting to look outdated. It did not work very well on tablets or phones. It took nearly an entire year of development but we did a complete overhaul of the app to work on a variety of devices, improve usability, and creating a more sleek modern look.

    Ticket improvements

    The ticket analytics report is a powerful new way to track the success of your company. Review how many tickets were opened, closed, are assigned to each staff member, etc in a new report. Work orders have some new custom templates you can drop in to give instructions to your residents as they fill out the report as well as in the receipt they receive in their inbox. The very popular PDF community meeting report now is in activity logs.

    Tickets now have customizable categories.

    Tickets are now not only associated with a unit but also with the account. This allows the manager to decide if only the current owner/tenant of the unit should see the work orders or if it should be visible to all future owners/tenants.

    New task management & architectural change requests

    Task management and architectural change requests are two powerful new features.

    Task management is a great way for board members and managers to collaborate on tasks. Assign tickets to one another, review during board meetings and track the progress.

    Architectural change requests can be created by residents and managed by both the board members and the managers.

    Event Calendar

    Plan and create events directly in the Pilera app with a modern calendar. Send notifications to your community based on location and user type.

    Resident unit chooser

    Residents previously had to log out and log back in to get access to their different units. They can now switch between their units.


    Vantaca integration.

    Release Notes: January | February | April | May | July | September | November | December

  • 2020

    Portfolio announcements, dashboards, and visitor management

    Manager Dashboard


    Three dashboards were released in 2020. The two biggest being the resident and manager dashboards where users can log in and see relevant information for them. This was expanded to board members as well who could see the open architectural change requests and tasks in their community. Seeing how many tasks are assigned to you when you log in is a great way to start the day.

    The occupant insurance dashboard was also added allowing for managers to easily see all insurance in their community easily.

    Portfolio announcements

    Managers can now send to one or many communities with just a few clicks and even filter to only send to board members, owners, tenants, etc. Send a new notice out to every board member across your entire portfolio in minutes.

    Visitor Management

    Support for emergency or alternate contacts and guests has been possible in Pilera for a long time but it was always difficult to find them. For gated communities this was especially difficult as they would need to frequently look up these guests for additional information. The visitor management feature has made it possible to quickly and easily find guest information within the community.


    Asyst integration. TOPS ONE two-way.

    Release Notes: January | February | June | September | October | November

  • 2021

    Distribution Groups, recurring events, PDF letter generation, and more to come!

    message distribution groups

    Message Distribution Groups

    Distribution groups has been a long running request but if Pilera was going to do it we wanted to do it right. This industry is unique in that locations and people both need to be tracked. Properties have owners and tenants that move in and out causing constant shifting in who should be receiving what messages. This is why Pilera was one of the first messaging companies to not only do person based distribution groups but location based distribution groups.

    As people move in and out of the community they will automatically be removed from the list but not only that, as people change properties they will be automatically added or removed from the correct lists. Quickly add entire streets, buildings and units to lists with just a few clicks.

    Resident Support Management

    Easily manage all resident support requests in one centralized place, reduce inbound calls to the office, and resolve your resident’s requests faster with our newest feature.  Self-service your residents by encouraging them to submit support requests.  Ticket assignment, internal comments, and automated notifications keep your client service team aligned and your residents informed.

    PDF Letter Generation for Postal Mailing

    Easily prepare your letters for postal mailing with Pilera’s PDF letter generation feature.  Apply your company’s header and footer at a portfolio level or customize each community’s settings to improve brand recognition.  Customize your recipients by distribution groups, locations, user types, and other criteria such as if they are already receiving electronic communications.  Generate your PDF letters in batches to upload to a third-party solution such as SouthData.

    Recurring Events

    The calendar events can now have their frequency set allowing for easier tracking of repetitive events.

    Ticket age & due date

    The ticketing system usability has been improved to allow for quick browsing. You now see the age of the ticket and how soon it is due directly in the dashboard.

    In-app alert notices

    We now have two new ways to keep your residents informed in the portal.  Community-wide notices keep residents informed of time-sensitive, important information.  Ticket alerts can be customized for each ticket type to convey important information about work orders, ACRs, support tickets, etc.

    Document import/export

    Complex document file structures can easily be imported and exported from Pilera.

    Release Notes: January | February | March | March 30 | April | May | June 2 | June 30 | July | August | October | November | December

  • 2022

    Threaded Conversations, Discussion Boards, Message Exports & Ticket Changes

    Upgraded Dashboard

    We improved the usability of the dashboard so you can easily review any tickets or recent announcements.

    Threaded Conversations 

    Do you have trouble getting your managers and board members to stop using their email for important community conversations? Pilera is one of the only companies that allows you to continue to use your emails and have it all tracked within our system. Any announcements that are sent through Pilera can be responded to and have the conversation tracked in our system. (We continue to expand this feature in 2023)

    Discussion Board

    Engage your community with the resident discussion board. You can use this as a way to monitor and maintain your communities cohesiveness.

    Ticket Enhancements

    We have done several ticket improvements over the year including:

    • Track who was sent ticket notifications in the ticket history.
    • Edit and Remove comment functionality.
    • Remove attachments.
    • Performance improvements.

    Message Export

    A long requested feature has finally been added. You can now export a communities message history.

    Release Notes: March | May | July | August | September | December 6 | December 21 | Year in Review

  • 2023

    More to come!

    2023 is only part way through but we already have so many great things to show off. Subscribe to our blog to always get the latest and greatest!

    Everview Integration

    You can now send postal mailings through our system with our Everview integration!

    Vendor Triage & Email Tracking

    We have now introduced staff members into our vendor system. This allows you to more granularly assign tickets. When a vendor is assigned a ticket they can respond to the email and it will be tracked in Pilera.

    Bulk Create Tickets

    You can now automatically start another ticket right after another. You can also copy the data from the previous ticket into the new ticket speeding up repetitive tasks.

    Bulk Ticket Update

    Now you can easily update multiple tickets at once by selecting each one and opening the new bulk update menu. This can be done across multiple communities.

    Ticket Attachments

    You can now send attachments in ticket emails to vendors, contacts, managers, etc. These supported attachments include the. much requested PDF and Doc files.

    Message Inbox

    Being able to reply to emails has been in Pilera for a while but for the first time ever all your email replies are now tracked within Pilera’s Message Inbox. Filter replies by users, date ranges, and message types.

    Ticket Conversations

    Previously email conversations were regulated to announcements but now managers can have a back and forth conversation within their emails with the assignee. All conversations are tracked within the ticket.

    RFP Plus Partnership

    Pilera officially announced RFP Plus as an integrated partner. Use the powerful RFP management tool directly in the app.

    Create Tickets from the Dashboard

    We added a quick add functionality on the main user dashboard.

    Release Notes: January | February | April | April 18 | May | June