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Customer Service & CRM

The community management industry at its core is a service industry. You enhance your residents overall experience with their community. Pilera provides a powerful customer relationship management software for the community management industry.

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Resident data tracking

A managers main goal is to provide services to the board members and residents of a community. Pilera’s powerful customer service technology increases customer satisfaction while reducing manager workload. Review resident data management video.

Alternative contacts and addresses.

Personal contact information.

Pet tracking.

Vehicle and parking tracking.

Lease tracking.

Owners and primary occupants can add and manage other occupants within their units.

Online forms can be fully customized to meet your communities needs.

Multi-unit support for resident single sign-on.

resident Portal

Residents can access all their data from an easily accessible web portal

Have all of a residents units merge into one easily accessible account making their lives easier.

Activity/call log & task management

Don’t let the small things slip through the cracks. Track every interaction with a resident and assign people to any log that requires additional attention.

Assign staff to any log that requires additional attention.

Portfolio-level dashboards keep you informed on all activity logs assigned to you or anyone else.

On-demand reports can be customized to meet your community or companies needs.

Easily filter and drill down on the information you need, even when managing thousands of logs.

Log activities at the person, unit, or community-level.

activity Log

Pilera acts as a managing tool and help desk for your managers and residents!

An always accessible information desk for your communities

Managers work hard to improve their residents community experience but can’t always be there exactly when they need them. Pilera’s online information desk capabilities can fill that gap, providing a 24/7 database for residents and internal staff alike.

Send and store documents. Track if a resident has viewed a sent document.

Maintain a list of important community contacts accessible by residents.

Office hours can be posted directly in the portal.

Provide a list of all board members or managers to your community.

The Knowledge base is a powerful, fully searchable, data base that can be used by internal staff and call center staff or residents to find that answers they need.

Document Storage

Improve company relations

With all the benefits you provide to a community it is important to get your name out their and let people know what is going on.

Custom branding on the web portal and emails lets people know who provides their great community experience.

Community calendars show residents all the dates and times for events your management is putting on for them.

custom branding

❝ Cardinal Management Group, Inc. manages over 160 community associations in four states. We were looking for a “value added” communications platform to add to our stable of offerings to our clients. Having experience with several other firms, we decided to move ahead with Pilera. The deciding factor for us was the excellent customer service we have been receiving from the Pilera team as well as their hands on attention and flexibility during the roll out. We are very excited about Pilera and anxious to see our clients embrace the technology as a way to increase communications and efficiencies within their communities. ❞

Thomas A. Mazzei CEO, Cardinal Management Group, Inc.