Help Desk

Power up your customer service team with Pilera’s help desk, the only platform designed for community managers.  Restore efficiency and reinvigorate your customer support team with the easiest to use tools in the market.

Help Desk

Activity/call log & task management

Don’t let the small things slip through the cracks. Track every interaction with a resident and assign people to any log that requires additional attention.

Assign staff to any log that requires additional attention.

Portfolio-level dashboards keep you informed on all activity logs assigned to you or anyone else.

On-demand reports can be customized to meet your community or company’s needs.

Easily filter and drill down on the information you need, even when managing thousands of logs.

Log activities at the person or unit level.

Activity Call Log Management

An always accessible information desk for your communities

Managers work hard to improve their residents community experience but can’t always be there. Pilera’s online information desk capabilities can fill that gap, providing a 24/7 database for residents and internal staff alike.

The Knowledge base is a powerful, fully searchable, database that can be used by internal staff and call center staff or residents to find that answers they need.

Office hours can be posted directly in the portal.

Maintain a list of important community contacts accessible by residents.

Provide a list of all board members or managers to your community.

An always accessible information desk for your communities

Pilera acts as a managing tool and help desk for your managers and residents!

Cross-Community Search

Save time as you’re delivering great experiences for your communities.  While sifting through hundreds or thousands of records, it’s important to find what you need quickly.

Powerful cross-community search.  Find owners, tenants, phone numbers, emails, vehicles, pets, and more.

Add a unit or occupant activity log as you search an occupant through the quick add ticket feature.   

Cross Community Search

❝ Pilera has been beneficial for us internally and externally…The user friendly factor goes a long way. We made this change for our Company after deciding which route to take because this is the best option to better serve our clients and staff in a positive way. ❞

Lindsay DiaferiaDirector of Client Services, Hillcrest Property Management.

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