Increase accountability and improve compliance through a central hub to track all community responsibilities across the portfolio.

Board Task Management

Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and save tasks from falling through the cracks. Task Management is a new way for board members and managers to collaborate on community action items.

Assign tasks to a staff/manager or board member.

Set follow-up dates for each task.

View a comprehensive audit trail of each status update and comment from ticket creation to completion.

Gain high-level or detailed insights through a powerful dashboard.

Generate on-demand reports based on your business needs.

“We can keep items on multiple member’s radars without having out-of-date information being passed around.”

Norm Patton, Property Manager
Solomons Landing Condominium

Rule Violations

Enforce HOA CC&R’s with confidence and increase public appeal of the communities you manage. Keep track of violations across the portfolio and inform residents in a timely manner.

Create and assign violation tickets to managers for follow-up.

Attach documents or photos to a violation.

View all status updates and comments to a violations ticket from start to finish.

Gain high-level or detailed insights through a powerful dashboard.

Generate on-demand reports based on your business needs to show at meetings.

“I don’t have to wait to get back to my desk to upload the photos, the letters, and the violations. I can do it all while walking through the properties.”

Carly Melius
Professional Association Services, Inc.

Architecture Change Requests

Eliminate resident dissatisfaction from a lengthy approvals process.  Process resident requests on their home improvements faster and all in one place.

Residents can submit architecture change requests and attach documentation.

Assign incoming architecture change requests to managers or board members*.

Set due dates on each request.

Notify residents of approval, rejection, or other statuses in your workflow.

Gain visibility of resident architecture change request insights through a powerful dashboard.

Generate on-demand reports for board meetings.

Architecture Change Request

Streamline the architecture change approvals process with resident submissions and notifications, staff or board assignment, and powerful reports.

Board Dashboard

Your community’s work is never out-of-sight-out-of-mind.  With Pilera’s new board dashboard, you’ll always know what you’re responsible for at a glance.

Board members can view all the open ACRs and tasks in their community as well as what is assigned to them.

Update contact information easily so you never miss a message.

Why Customers Love Board+

“Having the flexibility for Board Members to directly input directives to the system, or have our managers put them in after a call or meeting, is great. On the other side of the coin, it can be used to make sure board Members stay on top of their tasks as well. In either scenario, the task management module gives everyone an overview of where someone is in their given tasks, holding them responsible and making sure nothing falls through the cracks.”

Adam Clark, Operations Manager
Excel Association Management