Drastically reduce response time through a single hub to manage thousands of work order tickets across all your communities.  Keep your residents informed and improve overall community appeal.

Work Orders

Work order management

Streamline the entire life-cycle of your company’s maintenance process with comprehensive work order tracking that saves you time.  Built for the property management, HOA, and condo industry, each functionality helps improve efficiency and enhance experience.

Assign tickets to an internal staff or external vendor.

Auto-notify vendors and residents of ticket status. Residents can login to update or review their tickets.

Attach documents, photos, and other files to each ticket.

Auto-generated reports produce vital details including stale work orders that need attention.

Audit tracking provides details on every action performed on a ticket from creation to completion.

Work Order Management

Integrate your communication with your daily workflow to streamline operations and organize your tasks.

Vendor management application

Building good relations with vendors is fundamental to the success of your maintenance services.  With Pilera’s robust set of vendor management functionalities, you can manage approvals, compliance, and ultimately, enhance your services more easily across all your communities.

Configure vendors at association and category-level. Vendors will only show in communities or categories they are approved to work in.

Auto-notification and tracking of insurance expiration dates keep your company from facing liability issues.

Quick filtering and searching across all of your vendor data and notes.

Rate vendors.

Assign tickets to vendors. 

Vendor Management

Through Pilera’s enterprise vendor tool, managers can find the right vendor for the job easily to deliver exceptional service to their communities.

Manager Dashboard

At any given point, you’ll always know how much work you have in one community/property or across all that you manage.

Instantly know how many work orders your community(ies) have generated.

As you start your day, get insights about your workload so you can plan accordingly.

Keep your contact information updated so you can receive email notifications.

Portfolio-level dashboard

Robust enough to manage hundreds of communities in a single dashboard, but streamlined so you don’t get overwhelmed with data.

Filter by community, ticket type, assignee, status, category, date ranges, and more to drill down on exactly the information you need.

Instantly see all the work assigned to a manager or a vendor, service type, and status.

Automated & On-Demand Reports

Powerful insights through Pilera’s reports enable you to make operational and business-level decisions so you and your staff can focus on what matters most.  

Better manage your employee workload with powerful ticket analytics – see who’s might be overwhelmed or who deserves kudos.

Position your company for better growth with powerful ticket analytics – see which communities/properties are generating the most work.

Always stay on track of all your maintenance tickets with automated work order reports.

Generate professional-looking custom reports on demand through Pilera’s detailed filters to review during staff & committee meetings.

Work order report

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❝I don’t know how I did this job the last 10 years without Pilera! For the work orders, you can assign them directly to the unit or to the common property. When it is assigned to a unit, the owner (if you have an email for them) also receives a confirmation of the work order so they know it is being addressed. The Board members also receive a copy so they know you are working on something. In addition, the vendor you assign the work order to receives a full “Ticket Sheet” with the owner’s information, the property address, your management company information with a full description of the work. You can also attach a photo or PDF to the work order if you have additional information to provide. I really like this feature as the documents attach forever so I have been at Board meetings where they talk about a specific item being completed and I can quickly pull up a photo and the work order for what was done.❞

Kirsten Capps ARM, CMCA, CPM, Director of Operations – Forest Green Realty