Pilera April 2023 Release Notes

April 2023: Select Ticket Attachments & Track History!

Greetings!  Welcome back to the latest edition of our release notes where we share what’s new in Pilera!  In this month’s release, we are excited to share some new enhancements that are sure to simplify your client service ticketing workflow.  Let’s get started! 

Ticketing Enhancements

1) Select attachments to email staff, vendors, or residents

You can now choose which file in a ticket you want to send to managers, vendors, board members, and residents as part of a ticket comment. For example, you can send different files to a vendor than you would a manager, based on what is more relevant to them.  The file will be attached to the email and the recipient will then be able to open the file without needing to log in. 

2) Track attachments in the ticket history

You can now track the history of all attachments sent as part of a comment within the ticket. Seeing the comment with the attachment gives you more context about the conversations you’re having and how the ticket is progressing. 

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About Pilera

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