Resident Portal

An informed resident is a happy resident.  Pilera provides a secure, central place for homeowners to access important community information and be more connected with their community.

Resident Portal Video

Easier payment methods for your residents

Improve collection methods by providing residents with a secure way to pay their dues online in the community resident portal.  Increase resident satisfaction with a detailed transaction history of all their community payments.  Watch video on online payments.

Managers can add multiple payment methods.

Residents can view their balance and ledger.

Residents can make a payment in the Community Resident Portal.

Access to Community Documents

Manage files easily across multiple communities and increase resident satisfaction with a more secure way of electronic delivery.

Residents access files through a secure link.

Restrict access of documents to board members, owners, tenants, and other occupants.

Create multiple sub-folders for better organization.

Share the same document across multiple communities.

Unlimited document storage.

Share documents with residents confidently and securely.

Only residents that live in the community and have selected permissions can open a document!  

Secure Resident Login

Provide residents with a secure portal to manage one or multiple units they own in the community.  Pilera uses the latest technology safety standards to give your community residents a reliable portal.

Multi-unit support for resident single sign-on (SSO).

Support for master and sub associations.

Manage login credentials after sign-in.

Modern web security standards such as HTTPS and hash encryptions.

Pilera provides a secure login for the community resident portal.

Self-management of resident data

Empower residents to manage their own information and in turn, reduce calls to the management office.

Residents gain quick visibility into their community and unit data, as well as manage their contact information in the resident dashboard.

Residents self-manage their personal information such as contact and language preferences, addresses, and more.

Owners and primary occupants can add and manage other occupants within their units.

Resident Dashboard

Residents can access all their unit information in an easy to use web portal.

Have all residents maintain their own contact information so that managers will have the most up to date database!  

Community information all in one place

Increase resident engagement and satisfaction by giving them a one-stop shop for all latest community information.

View the communications history of emails, text messages, and phone calls.

Submit and review work orders.

Opt-in to share contact information with the community and view resident listing in an organized community directory.

Manage alternative addresses.

Contact management in a simple manner.

View events and community calendar.

Post a community notice to keep residents informed of time-sensitive information.

View and respond to unit activity logs and rule violations.

Increase event attendance with confidence

Keep residents informed of community events and improve attendance through built-in calendars.

Create custom calendars for the different types of events you hold.

Notify residents on-demand of upcoming events, not just on event creation.

View the status of all event notifications sent to the residents.

See all events from a monthly, weekly, or daily view.

Calendar in Community Resident Portal

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❝ I love Pilera! I’ve noticed a decline in phone calls due to being pro-active in messages and communications. Residents can access their maintenance accounts and other pertinent documents/rules, etc. ❞

Mary E Miragliotta President of Quality Community Management, Inc.