Increasing communication is essential to any business but especially to the HOA, Condo, Apartments and other property management business. With such a diverse customer base it is important that a manager of a community uses a software that is tailored to each residents individual needs.

Communication Demo Video

Increase resident engagement!

Provide your residents with a multitude of communication options. When residents log in to pick their own communication preference they are more likely to receive the messages you send.

Automated phone, email, and/or text messaging preference for every resident.

Send targeted messages to your audience through dynamic location-based distribution groups that self-maintain themselves.

Language translation for 103 languages.

Auto-generated reports detail important contact information such as invalid contact information, usage, and more.

Automated phone, email, and text messaging communication

A powerful tool for emergencies

❝ Pilera was amazing in the Emergency situation at Monarch Bay.  The Sheriff’s department issued a lockdown and we were able to communicate to the entire community what was happening.  It was ESSENTIAL over the last few days while trying to keep everyone informed. ❞

Kimberly CainOperations Team Manager, Monarch Bay

Up to 80 phone calls per minute

1 person faster than an entire team

Reverse 911

emergency forced calls

Multi-attempt technology

gets through when it counts

Know the message was sent!

Other providers may have the ability to send outgoing messages but Pilera uses powerful technology so you know the message has been received.

Track the delivery and life cycle of a message, delivered, opened, clicked, answered by machine or person.

Multiple attempts are made if a message fails to initially send.

Archive all messages permanently and look them up at a community or person-level. 

98% average reputation improves the likelihood the message won’t be blocked or marked as spam. 

Residents can easily register via an automated email.

Message Center

Dynamic location-based message grouping for board members, managers, streets, buildings, floors, units, and more.

Improve company image

Keep communication consistent across your entire property management portfolio even when handled by multiple managers and staff.

Custom branded emails with your company colors and logo.

Message templates improve consistency and streamline your operations.

Schedule messages ahead of time. Whether a message requires a follow-up or needs to be sent after hours, advanced scheduling helps everyone to stay ahead.

Custom Branding

Reach your entire portfolio at once

Send an email blast to multiple communities at once which means you can experience significant cost savings in mailing and increase employee productivity.

Segment your message by user type: managers, board members, residents, tenants, and other occupants.

Send messages across multiple communities or to your entire portfolio at once.

Send yourself a sample message to validate your content before you hit send.

❝ During hurricane Irma, I was especially grateful to be able to reach all of the owners after evacuating the building because all the email addresses and all the contact information and all of the immediate communications were right there at any browser I could log onto. We were able to handle all building needs easily remotely.

Thank you Pilera for making a terrible hurricane experience a little bit easier for all all of us and giving us all a lot more peace of mind. ❞

Cynthia HollandPresident at Stratford Towers