Management Companies

Illinois customer since 2017

“Pilera has been beneficial for us internally and externally. Additionally, the accountability that Pilera offers is extremely useful when it comes to giving Boards information regarding what we have done vs what a Resident might say. Lastly, the user-friendly capability that the entire system ensues…We made this change for our Company after deciding which route to take because this is the best option to better serve our clients and staff in a positive way.”

Maine customer since 2015

“Pilera has made communication with our clients simple. Time is a commodity that I don’t care to waste. The time/money that is saved through this product pays great dividends. Whether at the office, from the road, or from home I can get a message out to as many of my clients as I need to with a couple clicks of some buttons.”

Washington customer since 2014

“With the emails feeding from VMS, we are able to send late notices, water shut offs, asphalt paving, traffic flow notices, monthly assessment reminders, and general information with a check of a box. This is a faster more efficient use of our time than emailing, and we can track who has received and read the notice. Homeowners are viewing their ledgers for payments, late fees, and fines and using the “make a payment” button to bring their accounts current”.

North Carolina customer since 2015

“With the integration with VMS, it took no more than 20 minutes for the set up portion and to send welcome emails to our clients. Pilera has been a great addition to our VMS platform.”

Florida customer since 2016

“We really like Pilera and it is an extremely useful tool in our daily communications with the owners in the associations. We have more and more owners using the program each month and we have a very high participation rate, especially with our newer associations that were brought in with Pilera from the start.

I only wish we utilized it more as we could use it for so many additional things. We have been making an effort to learn about and initiate use of features that they continue to add. The program is very easy to use both for the administrator and the users.

The TOPS integration works very well and should we ever need anything from Pilera support (which is rare), they are super responsive and friendly. They even just check in from time to time to see how things are going. Pilera is a great company to work with and an invaluable addition to our ability to provide 24/7 access and information to our owners.”

Ohio customer since 2017

“I love Pilera! The team at Pilera is very easy to work with and they are very patient. I’ve noticed a decline in phone calls due to being pro-active in messages and communications. Residents can access their maintenance accounts and other pertinent documents/rules, etc.”

Texas customer since 2017

“It is very easy for us to promote Pilera to other management firms because the relationship and the product have made Excel a better management company. Our clients are happy with the product and our staff members are more productive as a result.”

Georgia customer since 2019

Pilera is working out great. It has been a great tool. The enhancements are making life easy as they roll out.”

Connecticut customer since 2011

“I feel Pilera is easy, user friendly, and a great way to download reports to our communities.”

Texas customer since 2018

“The accounting brains here at Allied are pleased with your sync report and I just wanted to repeat our team’s appreciation for your quick response and resolve of our concerns. You provided top-notch customer service!

Single Associations & Board Members

California customer since 2014

“Pilera was amazing in the Emergency situation at Monarch Bay. The Sheriff’s department issued a lockdown and we were able to communicate to the entire community what was happening. It was ESSENTIAL over the last few days while trying to keep everyone informed.

Florida customer since 2012

“During hurricane Irma, I was especially grateful to be able to reach all of the owners after evacuating the building. Thank you Pilera for making a terrible hurricane experience a little bit easier for all of us and giving us a lot more peace of mind…We were able to handle all building needs easily remotely.”

Vermont customer since 2012

Community members using Pilera have found the notices and condo docs, minutes, by-laws, etc. very informative. Folks who use the site appreciate being able to read the minutes. The managers have not yet opened the site for advertising or community events, which is unfortunate, but perhaps in time, Pilera’s full potential will be made available to our community.”

Vermont customer since 2011

I find Pilera very easy to navigate, update, and maintain. I look forward to our community’s increased reliance on Pilera is the central location of personal data, documentation, and workflow information.”

California customer since 2019

Hope you’re staying healthy! We’re all working from home at this point, and I’m glad we signed up for Pilera’s services prior to needing to—it’s been a huge help.