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People-focused community management software

Empower your communities with Pilera’s intuitive CRM software, helping you put the focus back on community relationships.

Pilera Software UI Design
Pilera Software UI Design

It’s like having a manager in every home

Maintain a personal touch with automated phone, text, email, and postal mailing. Be the first to offer fast and accurate support when your residents need it.
Pilera Software UI Desktop and Mobile Dashboard Design

Create self-reliant and happier communities

Modern and easy-to-use self-service tools reduce administrative burdens, paving the way for happier and well-run communities.
Pilera Software UI Dashboard Design

Work better together

Collaboration tools, automated updates, and audit trails enable managers, boards, vendors, and residents to stay in the loop.

Transforming communities, one success at a time

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“The biggest thing I can say about Pilera is I have zero website development experience. Never have I edited a website before working here [Solomons Landing Condominium], and this [Pilera] made it so simple. Your website platform is awesome!”

Norm Patton
Property Manager – Solomons Landing Condominium

I find Pilera very easy to navigate, update, and maintain. I look forward to our community’s increased reliance on Pilera is the central location of personal data, documentation, and workflow information.”

Erica Mellimann
Board Member

Community members using Pilera have found the notices and condo docs, minutes, by-laws, etc. very informative. Folks who use the site appreciate being able to read the minutes. The managers have not yet opened the site for advertising or community events, which is unfortunate, but perhaps in time, Pilera’s full potential will be made available to our community.”

Bonnie Bourdon
Board Member – Woodhaven Condo Association

“Pilera was amazing in the Emergency situation at Monarch Bay. The Sheriff’s department issued a lockdown and we were able to communicate to the entire community what was happening. It was ESSENTIAL over the last few days while trying to keep everyone informed.

Kimberly Cain
Operations Team Manager, Monarch Bay

“With the emails feeding from VMS, we are able to send late notices, water shut offs, asphalt paving, traffic flow notices, monthly assessment reminders, and general information with a check of a box. This is a faster more efficient use of our time than emailing, and we can track who has received and read the notice. Homeowners are viewing their ledgers for payments, late fees, and fines and using the “make a payment” button to bring their accounts current.”

“The continued updates and additions to the system over the years have been a pleasure to be a part of.”

We definitely use this [Pilera] as a selling tool.  We feel potential clients are impressed with the system and transparency.”

Theresa Beers
Vice President of Community Associations – T-Square Properties

After a year of working with Pilera, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to leave our previous platform. Pilera is extremely user friendly and with the proper training and education you will see the increase of productivity both internally and with clients. The Pilera support team been exceptional since day one. We love that Pilera is constantly working to improve the software and on numerous occasions have built in modules to increase workflow based on suggestions from their clients.

Sarah White
Property Manager

“Pilera has been beneficial for us internally and externally. Additionally, the accountability that Pilera offers is extremely useful when it comes to giving Boards information regarding what we have done vs what a Resident might say. Lastly, the user-friendly capability that the entire system ensues…We made this change for our Company after deciding which route to take because this is the best option to better serve our clients and staff in a positive way.”

Lindsay Diaferia Picture
Lindsay Diafeira
Director of Client Care & Licensed Property Manager – Hillcrest Property Management

"Electronic elections improved the legal compliance of the process and reduced our costs."

“After updating our HOA bylaws we conduct Board of Trustees elections with an electronic option via Pilera. Already had 2 annual elections, and in the most recent about 80% of homeowners voted electronically via Pilera with the rest voting by paper. Electronic elections improved the legal compliance of the process and reduced our costs.”

Michael P.
Princeton Greens

“Efficiency and Effectiveness”

“I have used Pilera for over 10 years. It has been one of the most reliable elements in my company. The managers and clients are very happy with it. As stated in the title, this product has helped our company become more efficient and more effective in our everyday tasks.”

Bob Keegan Picture
Bob Keegan
President, Dirigo Management Company

“Practical and user-friendly software!”

“Management is lovely, professional, and responsive. Very pleasant working relationship and I genuinely like these people. Pilera is extremely user-friendly both for the management company and for the clients. We particularly like how aesthetically pleasing the interface and communications appear, and how it can be used to reverse 911 for any urgent notices needed.”

ECD Headshot 2020
Elizabeth Caswell Dyer
CEO, Sopra Communities

“Dependable, Scalable, Consolidates, basis for our recent success!”

“Our office now runs all our resident interface and communications through Pilera. The resident portals have been a big hit with our residents. I can’t tell you how happy our Boards are with our reporting capabilities. What we really appreciate from a business perspective is the level of support and the constant improvement culture Pilera exhibits. They don’t rest on their laurels. They continue to improve on their offerings.”

Carlos Molina Profile
Carlos Molina
CTO, Professional Association Services, Inc.

Showcasing Pilera's Partnership in Action

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Interview with Imagineers: Managing the Emergency & Rebuilding Process at Stonewood Condominiums
Pilera Case Study
How a 225-unit condo association modernized their communication policy.
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How to manage HOA Board Member expectations.

Are board members truly satisfied with the level of service provided by your HOA management company?

Over the past few years, the expectations of board members have changed drastically. As an HOA management company, the opinion and expectations of the board members should be of high importance to you.

In this article, you’ll learn about 4 ways management companies can meet and even exceed board member expectations.

1) Increase visibility

An important goal of board members is to ensure that community operations run smoothly and that decisions taken are in the collective members’ best interests.

An HOA or Condo association will often hire a management company to help them to run the community’s operations and handle finances, maintenance, violations, complaints, and more. Board members want to gain visibility into the community’s operations and finances. They also want to know the type of issues residents are experiencing and how the management company is handling these interactions.

Managers can meet board member expectations by improving visibility, regularly communicating with board members, and providing them with status updates. One of the most useful ways to give your board members visibility is by creating a monthly Board Packet. Board packets can include financial statements, reports on in-progress and completed work orders, resident support requests, violations, and any other tasks that managers are working on.

Pilera’s HOA software empowers managers to increase visibility and communication with the board through real-time analytics. The Ticket Analytics Report gives insight into the open, closed, and in-progress tickets for work orders, ACRs, rule violations, support, and tasks. With the help of these real-time reports, managers can directly communicate the value of their services to the board member and thereby improve board member satisfaction.

2) Fast response time

In the digital age, customers expect a fast response time from the companies they do business with, and it’s no different for HOA and condo communities. It’s important to establish a method of communication with your board members and residents and the frequency with which you will communicate with them. When they reach out to you, it’s important to set expectations on when they will get a response. Here are a few ways to manage expectations and improve your response times:

  • Inform your board members of when they can expect a response from you. Is it within 24 hours or 48 hours? Clearly state this on your website or email responses.
  • Maintain a singular place for board members and residents to submit requests, whether that is through email, a form on your website, or an online portal.
  • Encourage self-service in your community by keeping your website or online portal fresh with the latest community information, documents, events, and more.

3) Reduce the risk of liability

Since board members volunteer their time to run the association, they may not have the expertise to handle rules and regulations that impact the community. Therefore, they often look up to an HOA management company to guide them through legal questions or challenges. Managers need to be well-versed in community association law and actions that a community needs to take to comply.

Also, by maintaining information on a technology platform, you can help board members reduce the risk of a community’s liability. Here’s how:

  • Maintain all interactions and communications within the community. This can be done effortlessly through an HOA software such as Pilera’s.
  • Keep a history of all open and closed tickets for work orders, ACRs, rule violations, support, and tasks.
  • Pilera’s document library has board-specific folders so they can access important rules & regulations.
  • Managing repair work is a major task undertaken by management companies. HOA associations are required to acquire a minimum of 3 vendor bids for repair and maintenance work. Managers can help associations compare bids and secure the best vendor.
  • With Pilera’s vendor management, you can easily store vendor information and receive automated COI reminders, thereby reducing the community’s liability.

4) Manage daily operations efficiently

Board members rely heavily upon HOA management companies to run their associations and manage their operations. An HOA management company acts primarily as an advisor of the HOA board and serves as its helping hand. As an HOA manager, you have to handle a variety of tasks such as maintenance, resident requests, violations, architectural change approvals, vendor bids, and more. With so many tasks to manage, time management and efficiency are critical. Creating more efficiency enables you to generate better outcomes for the community as well as save the community money. Here are some ways in which you can improve team efficiency:

  • Streamline processes – You should have a well-documented process of how your team handles different tasks from start to finish and how to handle any problems that arise.
  • Improve communication with staff and board members – It\’s important to keep your board members informed of tasks and projects that you are working on for them. With a collaborative HOA platform such as Pilera’s, you can update the status of any work, communicate with board members and staff, and automatically maintain a history of each task.
  • Invest in technology to automate tasks – With the right technology, you can manage a variety of tasks, communicate with board members and residents, and monitor your workflow.


By working with your board member clients, you can create more self-sufficient communities and improve operations together. When you invest in automated technology, you can improve transparency with the Board, respond faster, reduce any potential risks or liability, and create more efficiency.

The property management landscape is becoming more competitive with new players entering an already saturated market and companies struggling to gain new business.  To maintain a sustainable business model and generate revenue, it’s important for management companies to focus on finding fresh new leads that are in need of the service you provide.  In this blog post, we’ll focus on four significant ways to boost lead generation and stand above the competition.

1) Be visible on search engines

When developing or updating your HOA, condo, or rental company website, it is important to make SEO or search engine optimization a priority.  Search engine optimization is an important effort that leads prospects from searching for specific information to your website, discovering that you have an answer to their question and eventually, you can help solve their challenges.  For management companies that service one or more geographic locations, implementing local SEO is critical because association boards and apartment managers will search for a management company in their vicinity. Here are a few SEO tips to help guide your efforts:

  • Focus on the keywords that are most important for prospects to find you and implement it in your content, page titles, descriptions, links, and images.
  • Implement local keyword search into your SEO strategy.  For example, if you’re a condo company that manages high-rises in Seattle, make sure that your site is discoverable for the keyword.  Pudget Sound Condo Group, for example, does a good job with their local search efforts. They’ve added relevant keywords in its page title, URL, and description – thus, they are on the first page of Google’s search engine.
  • If your budget allows, spending marketing money on online search ads such as Google Ads or Bing allows you to improve your company’s visibility.  Again, if you’re a local management company, keep in mind how a local HOA board or apartment manager would search for you.

2) Make digital marketing a priority

Digital marketing is an important effort that allows companies to increase their reach by sharing knowledge and expertise.  HOA, condo, and rental management companies can benefit from digital marketing by building credibility over time. Digital marketing includes a variety of tools all meant to support your efforts in moving prospects along the sales funnel – blogs, email marketing, social media, search engine optimization, and online advertisements.

Here are a few ways to engage in digital marketing:

  • Add a blog to your website and write content frequently.  Write about the challenges community associations or apartments face and how to solve them (such as board meeting efficiency, keeping residents engaged, the impact of drones, and the list can go on).
  • Build an email list to send newsletters or company updates to.  If you are providing new services such as in-house maintenance, that’s something worthwhile to share with your audience.
  • Create your presence on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Share your blog articles, company updates, new staff joining, tips, and more.

3) Network and share your expertise at industry events

Networking at events helps you to make connections and build relationships with prospects.  There are many trade associations that operate on a national and state-level such as Community Association Institute (CAI) for HOA’s and condos, and National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) for apartments and rentals.  These trade associations provide a multitude of services that empower management companies to succeed. They provide opportunities to attend industry conventions, luncheons, and other events that are great for networking, sharing your knowledge with others, and learning the latest trends.   Other ways management companies can utilize their memberships in trade associations include purchasing a booth or sponsorships, speaking at conventions or teaching classes, or providing expertise at luncheons that laser-focus on an important topic such as emergency preparedness or handling community relationships.

4) Leverage modern technology solutions

Community management software is not often considered a lead generation tool, but from the experience of our clients, I’d argue that it can become a very powerful asset that gives you a competitive edge.  When board members or apartment managers seek a property management service, they are looking for the whole package. If you don’t provide the services they’re looking for due, and if part of that reason is that you’re using an inefficient software platform, your prospect is more likely to go with another property management that uses a more powerful software platform.

Obtaining new sources to generate more quality leads is a very important goal of growing your property management portfolio of community associations and/or apartments.  A combination of these four strategies enables you to not only generate new leads but move them along the sales funnel to becoming a customer and building a sustainable property management business.       

About Pilera

Pilera Software is the premier community and property management suite that has helped thousands of community managers and back-office personnel enhance communications, improve customer service, and manage compliance and operations.  May we help your community achieve these success stories?  Book a demo to see how Pilera’s community management suite can help your company. 

Streamlining maintenance is one of the most critical activities in community management.  Managers aim to increase the public appeal of the community and ensure the safety of its staff and residents.  The right technology can help managers not only achieve but optimize those goals. As you research HOA maintenance software options for your community, ask vendors these 5 questions.

1. Can residents submit maintenance requests?

Providing residents with a way to self-service and be notified about important things relating to their unit and the community increases engagement and builds trust.  When a resident identifies a maintenance issue in their unit or within an area that lies within the HOA or condo’s responsibility to fulfill, they need a way to inform management of it.  

[icon name=\”check-square\” class=\”\” unprefixed_class=\”\”] Can your residents…

  • Submit work order tickets about their unit or common areas
  • Add pertinent details about the issue
  • Select access preference – Does the resident want to be at the property when the maintenance personnel arrives?
  • Receive updates on when the issue was resolved
  • View a history of all the tickets they have submitted & the status of each.

2. Can you manage maintenance tickets from start to finish?

A robust work order management system should not only provide managers with the ability to create tickets but to streamline them from start to end.  Managers should be able to triage tickets when they come in or are created, know the status of each ticket, and collaborate with staff members.

[icon name=\”check-square\” class=\”\” unprefixed_class=\”\”] Can your staff…

  • Create unit level or common area tickets
  • Add pertinent details and attachments
  • Categorize and prioritize the ticket
  • Assign a ticket to another manager, staff member, vendor, or yourself
  • Automatically notify the assignee of the new ticket
  • Change status or comment on the ticket.

3. Can you gain high-level insights on maintenance operations?

Community managers need access to high-level and granular data to understand their operations and make better-informed decisions.  Through the HOA maintenance software, managers should be able to easily identify the number of tickets open/closed per month, their staff’s workload, the tickets that have not been worked on for a long time, and how many tickets each vendor is working on.  Managers should be able to easily capture this information for a specific community or across their entire portfolio. In Pilera’s maintenance system, managers receive an automated report with all the tickets that haven’t been touched for 30 days. This insight is essential for managers to handle the workload of their staff and vendors, prioritize work, and ensure that nothing falls off their radar.

4. Can you search for resident data quickly?

When a resident calls, emails, or walks into the management office to report a maintenance issue for their unit, you need to quickly search through your resident listing to create the ticket.  An HOA maintenance software should have a robust search capability. Searching by partial names or addresses, a resident’s unit, email, or phone number will save managers and staff members time if they are managing hundreds of tickets.

5. Can you maintain a vendor database effectively?

Building good relations with your vendors is crucial to the upkeep of your community or apartment complex.  As a manager, you need to know which vendors are approved to work for certain communities, the services they can provide, when their COIs are expiring, how you’ve rated their services, and how to keep in touch with them for new projects.  

[icon name=\”check-square\” class=\”\” unprefixed_class=\”\”] Can managers…

  • Track contact information, addresses, and maintenance personnel information
  • Assign vendors to categories such as entry management, landscaping, plumbing, and more
  • Automatically notify vendors of the new maintenance tickets assigned to them
  • Assign vendors to work for multiple communities at once
  • Rate vendors so you know who your preferred contractors are

Using the right technology when it comes to managing maintenance projects can make all the difference in contributing to communities that are well-run, safe, happy, and look good.  It\’s essential to ask these five major questions when researching maintenance software options so that you can give your staff the best tools.

About Pilera

Pilera Software is the premier community and property management suite that has helped thousands of community managers and back-office personnel enhance communications, improve customer service, and manage compliance and operations.  May we help your community achieve these success stories?  Book a demo to see how Pilera’s community management suite can help your company. 

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