Automate Your Events with Pilera’s New Recurring Events Feature!

Greetings everyone!  Many of our customers requested an easier way to schedule events they hold on a frequent basis, and we’re excited to share that we finally have recurring events! If you’ve been looking to automate your board member meetings or your community activities, now you can! 

New Recurring Events

Set a recurring schedule

As you create your event, you can schedule how often that event occurs on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. For weekly events, you can select the days to schedule the event for. Additionally, you can decide whether to set an end date for the event or let it run forever.

Consider these examples:

  • Monthly board meetings and yearly budget meetings.
  • Community activities such as biweekly virtual trivia night or a talent show every six months.
  • Maintenance activities such as weekly trash pickup, monthly alarm testing, and more.
Create a recurring event

Modifying recurring events made easy

Chances are, you’ll need to modify a recurring event. Maybe you need to edit the title name or add more details in the description.  In Pilera, it’s easy to modify an event.  You can either choose to split just this event and update it or you can update this and all future events in one go.  

View all recurring events in the calendar

The calendar will display a list of all the one-time events and recurring events that you have created. By selecting specific custom calendars you’ve created, you can get a more granular view of the events that are happening. Additionally, you can view the calendar by month, week, or day.

View a list of recurring events on the calendar.

Notify your community about the event

Through the community calendar, you can send email notifications about events on-demand, any time.  You can further refine who receives your message by selecting a location (street, building, floor, or unit) or user type (owners, tenants, others, managers).    

Automate your events today with new recurring events

With Pilera’s new recurring events feature, you’ll save more time managing your community’s events.  It’s now easier than ever to schedule events you host on a regular basis like a board meeting or a resident event and modify the events if you need to.  

Upcoming Webinar

Want to see the new recurring events and distribution groups in action?  Join our upcoming webinar on February 9th, 2021 at 2:00 PM EST to learn more about how these new time-saving features will make community operations easier for you!