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Tools for Condo Association Managers, Board Members, and Residents
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Best-In-Industry Communication

Give your condo associations the best communication platform in the industry with fast and reliable mass phone, email, and texting. We are so confident in our system that we provide you with real-time updates on who has received your communication and how they interacted with it.
Increase Your Outreach. Pilera boosts message open rates with robust customization, allowing residents to choose between phone, email, or text and translating outgoing messages into their preferred language.
Dynamic Message Grouping. Deliver targeted messages to residents by community-specific segments like street, building, or user type, including owners, tenants, and managers.
Real-time Updates. Track your messages in real-time, from delivery to when residents open texts, click email links, or respond to announcements.
Fault Protection – Fast & Reliable. Ensure reliable communication with residents using Pilera's built-in protections like automated retry systems, reporting, and detection of invalid contact details.

Full History Maintenance Tracking

When your residents put their trust in you, you need to have a system that you can trust to manage theirs. Pilera maintenance functionality has an audit history to see every touch on the ticket as well as detailed monitoring to make sure you succeed.

Vendors & Maintenance Tickets Perfectly Integrated. Automatically update vendor information with insurance expiration alerts and streamline your search for the right vendor with filters and quick search options.
Actionable Data. Enhance decision-making with concise reports on staff workload, ticket volume, and resource utilization.
Audit History. Ensure swift responses to resident inquiries with Pilera’s complete history tracking on tickets, detailing every change that occurs.
Stay Organized, Never Lose A Ticket. Stay informed with system notifications for overdue work orders, track due dates, assign tasks, and more, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
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The Only Condominium Specialized Support Management Software

There may be plenty of support and customer service software out there but none are built specifically for the condo association management industry. Pilera lets you manage resident support requests and provides a built-in knowledge base and help center so your residents get the best customer support they can.
Track Tickets by Unit & Occupant. Pilera stands out by allowing support ticket tracking at both unit and occupant levels, providing visibility into all associated support needs.
Monitor Community Workload. As an association-focused software, Pilera enables easy monitoring of community-wide support issues to facilitate resource adjustments.
Assign for Followups. Pilera allows the assignment of follow-up tickets to different managers, helping you track when to check in on occupants, regardless of your support structure.
Built-in Knowledge Base. Enhance community and company efficiency by empowering residents to help themselves using Pilera’s built-in self-help knowledge base.

Board Members Love Board+

Manage your condo associations with powerful HOA management specific functionality like architectural change requests, rule violation management as well as great additional like a task management module for board and management to work collaboratively.

Collaborate & Succeed. Board+ enhances collaboration between board members and management with features to approve ACRs, manage violations, and assign tasks efficiently.
Determine Community Success. Use detailed reports to judge how successful your community is performing month over month.
Better Collaboration with Calendars. Create tailored calendars for your community, including board meetings, public events, and amenities hours, to streamline scheduling.
All In One Place. Pilera consolidates multiple expensive software solutions into one easy-to-use, affordable platform.
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Occupant Access through Resident Portals

Pilera’s condo management software does a ton of things! A feature that ties it all together with a nice little bow is how Pilera lets residents login and make their managers jobs easier! Residents can make online payments, update their own information, view documents, submit work order requests and so much more based on the products you use!
Resident Self Assistance. The resident portal enhances Pilera's suite of functions like communication, maintenance, and help desk, integrating them seamlessly.
A Community Database. Residents can log in to access important historical information like community documents, directories, and past announcements.
Organize Community Events. Track community events in a modern calendar and send out the event invitation to specific units, streets, or occupant types in the community.
Online Payments & Accounting Integration. Residents can log in, view their balance & ledger, and make payments through a payment provider of your choice.

Additional Benefits through Condo & Rental

Pilera’s condo management software takes your data management to the next level. Condo and rental opens up a number of new features for those condo communities that want to go above and beyond!
Track Key Information. Condo and rental databases now include additional fields for vehicle and parking management, insurance details, unit-level document storage, and more.
Tenant Management. Add a new tenant user type and manage their leases.
Package Notifications. Track packages within Pilera and notify your residents when they receive one.
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Most Useful Features for Condominium Management

Automated Phone, Email, Texting System

Communication History

Community & Unit Document Library

Work Orders, Violations, Request Management

Event & Amenities Calendar

Built-in reporting

Track Vehicles, pets, lease, tenant, additional occupants

And more!