Condo & Rental

Pilera provides an additional set of tools that makes our software work seamlessly for condos, high rises, apartments, and rentals.  Track a variety of data across all your communities in one simple interface.

Track tenants and leases

Managers and owners need a simple way to manage their rental properties from move-in to move-out.  Pilera provides comprehensive lease and tenant management to keep managers on top of their tasks and residents informed.

Comprehensive tenant tracking.

Owners can manage their own tenants and leases.

Tenants can receive communications from management.

Receive automated lease expiration reports across the portfolio.

Track tenants and leases

Comprehensive tracking of a variety of information

When managing hundreds of communities, managers need instant access to a variety of information that’s important to their residents. With Pilera’s information tracking, managers will have the most up-to-date community database.

Managers and residents can attach documents to a unit.

Alternative resident addresses and contacts.

Powerful visitor management feature enables you to quickly search and track guests.  

Add and search pet information.

Add and search vehicles.

Add and track insurance.

Combine key condo and rental data with communications, work orders, help desk, or the resident portal to simplify internal operations and cultivate a happier community.

Find what you need quickly

Pilera provides a powerful tool to search for resident records across multiple communities and comprehensive reports so you can drill down on just the information you need.

Powerful cross-community search.  Find vehicles, tenants, owners, phone numbers, and more.

Automated and on-demand reporting for a multitude of reports.

Find resident information quickly in our condo software.

Track package delivery & send notifications

Track incoming packages to your office and let residents know a package is waiting for them.

Search package information throughout the community or by street.

Notify residents of packages awaiting pick-up via phone or email.

Package Notification

❝ I have worked with many programs throughout the years as a Property Manager and Pilera is by far the most user-friendly system I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I can go to the Pilera system to locate the majority of information that I need throughout the day to service the properties that we manage without any hassle. ❞

Debbie Peters Vice President of Client Services at American Properties Team