Managers, board members, vendors, & residents working together on one platform.

Distribute responsibilities to each user

Create and assign tickets for work orders, violations, tasks, activity logs and arch requests.

Customizable permissions for different user types

Built for the community association and property management industry, assign user roles for tenants, owners, board members, and managers.

Generate reports on progress and workload

Create business reports to see how many tickets are assigned to each user and distribute work effectively.

Everyone working together

Managers, Residents, and Board members working as a team

No other system allows residents to work with managers like Pilera. We track every event to the ticket and make sure the right people are notified. Residents can create and monitor tickets while managers can work together to create a satisfied clientele.

Features People Love

Ticket Assignment

Collaborative Comments

Industry-specific Permissions

Residents submit work orders

Accountability & historical archives

Know everything that is happening in your communities

We track a variety of important data that the competition doesn’t. See every outgoing message and its delivery success rate. Tickets track actions such as who assigned tickets, status changes, comments and more.

Features People Love

An entire history of outgoing communications

Track changes to a variety of ticket types

Know when emails are opened or texts are delivered

Store documents at community and unit level

Monitor & manage work efficiency

Improve your team’s productivity with data-backed insights.

Generate business analytics reports to see how each employee is performing – know who deserves kudos and who is overwhelmed with too much work. Everyone can easily see the tasks and responsibilities that are assigned to them.

Features People Love

Analytics & Workload Reports

Portfolio and Community Dashboards

All your tasks in one place

Automated notifications

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