Intelligent Communication for Property Management

Build a better community through intelligent communication for property management

Intelligent communication for property management - automated phone, email and text with dynamic segmentation capabilities.

Phone, Email, & Text Communications

Increase delivery and open rates by putting control in the hands of each recipient. Send to the entire community with just a few simple clicks.

Cheaper than a stamp

If you replace even one paper announcement with Pilera it will pay for itself while providing a ton of additional features.

Fast & Reliable

Other services promise similar features but miss the mark on the fine details. Pilera has fault protection and powerful servers to make sure your message gets where it needs to.

All communications in one place, Forever

Don’t fragment your communication or rely on poorly implemented third-party solutions that put unnecessary work on your staff.

Instead keep all your communities’ outgoing communication whether phone, email, or text messaging in a single easy-to-search and collaborative database. Messages are permanently archived and are automatically organized based on specific criteria such as the contact, the community, or the reason for the outreach.

Pilera's communication for property management platform empowers you to send smarter messages through dynamic distribution groups.

Innovative distribution group & segmentation for property management

No other communication platform meets the specific needs of the property management industry. Build out messaging groups based on units, streets, specific occupants, or user types like board members and tenants. The system will automatically clean up your lists as residents move in and out of their properties or change their roles in the community.

Always informed with automated notifications

Always keep residents and management informed whether creating work orders, updating violations, adding events to calendars, or uploading documents. Automated notifications and an easy messaging application reduces work and increases transparency.

Through Pilera's communication for property management platform, instantly know that your message was sent with real-time analytics.

Delivery Success Analytics

When you’re sending out a vital message it is important that you can guarantee its delivery. Get real-time updates on text message delivery, if an email was delivered, opened, or a link was clicked on, and if phone calls were picked up or went to voicemail. This information can then be utilized to help you find bad contact information and improve your delivery rate.

Intelligent Communication for Property Management - Language Translation

Language Translation & Communication Preference

Not only does Pilera give residents the power to choose their communication preference (phone, email, text). They can also choose their language preference. Pilera supports over 103 different automated language translations for text messaging and email as well as Spanish for phone calls.

The Best Communication Platform for Property Management

Since Pilera was founded it has been the primary choice for property management companies who want to focus on better and more diverse communication options.

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