Value-based Pricing

Pricing options for companies large and small

Property management software pricing for companies big and small.

Only what you need

Pilera does a lot and we understand you might not need all of the features. We have broken it up into reasonably priced products to purchase.

The cheapest way to get so many features

We have done the math and you would be paying thousands of dollars a month to get the same suite of features Pilera provides.

Pays for itself

Get so many great features for less than the cost of a stamp per unit. Even replacing a single outgoing message with Pilera would pay for itself.

Two Pricing Options

Pilera provides two great options for billing. The per community pricing is a great way to give your individual communities a lot of freedom and independence. The per-unit pricing allows you to onboard many smaller communities at a fraction of the cost and creates an office-wide workflow that will take your business to the next level.

Property management software pricing

à la carte

We do a lot, but that doesn’t mean you need it all. Pilera is broken up into products that can all be purchased individually improving your workflow without making you pay for what you don’t need. We hope that you will love us enough to check out our other great product lines.

Pays for itself

Every paper envelope you replace with Pilera, every file you store on our system compared to others save you money. Even sending one less envelope per unit a month will pay for the cost of Pilera and then some.

Improve operational efficiency

All of your staff can work together through a single online portal. Whether it’s maintenance, support, board member management, or events. Automate many of the more mundane and routine tasks through Pilera’s infrastructure.

Property management software pricing - great for mixed properties.

Great for mixed properties

As your business grows you may find a need for a variety of different features. The property management industry is about as diverse as you can get. Pilera works for HOAs, Apartments, Student Housing, and more. We have features for a variety of different and unique needs as well as powerful customization options.

Save thousands of dollars a month with Pilera's value-based property management pricing.

Thousands of dollars worth of features and products at a low bundled price

We’ve done the math. If you individually bought all of the amazing features Pilera provides it would cost you thousands of dollars a month. Pilera does it all at a fraction of the cost!