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Professional Association Services, Inc Case Study

In just one year, PAS has been able to track over 2,000 resident interactions which are automatically archived in Pilera for future reference. They are also able to effectively discern an occupant log from a unit log to maintain the history of a unit even as residents move out.

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A commitment to building stronger client relationships
Professional Association Services (PAS), founded in 1990 by Susan Hoffman, manages over 100 diverse communities with a focus on fostering lasting relationships and selective client engagement to ensure optimal partnerships. Chief Technology Officer Carlos Molina drives the implementation of technology solutions, aligning with the company’s commitment to excellent service and strategic growth.

Offering a suite of technological solutions, Pilera includes features such as automated communications, maintenance tracking, help desks, and comprehensive portals for residents and board members, facilitating efficient management and improved community interaction.
Case Study Overview

Quick Overview: Professional Association Services Case Study with Pilera


Professional Association Services (PAS)


Fremont, California


Condominiums, HOA’s, Residential, and Commercial.

Switched From:


Pilera Products:

Communication, Help Desk, Resident Portal, Board+, Company Website


Outdated software prevented PAS from showing its value to the Board

PAS was struggling with providing transparent reporting to the Board that would also effectively convey the value they provide to them. Carlos Molina says, “Lots of times we have Boards or residents say, well what good are you? What do you do for me? Even though we do respond to the residents directly, we really work for the Board.”

Their challenge to provide better customer service to their communities was amplified through an antiquated piece of software they were using. Over time, it had become difficult to set up and train their staff to use. “Because it’s not intuitive it is not a straightforward process. You almost have to become a specialist in it just to be able to really use its capabilities. Eventually, we had to get away from where we were and we had to move in a direction that was going to be more beneficial to us as a management company and be able to serve our clients.”


It was easy to move thousands of residents from their old platform to Pilera

PAS was concerned about switching software platforms, which involves moving thousands of residents. Residents undoubtedly experience the biggest impact during such a large transition. However, the hands-on support provided by Pilera’s customer service team made the transition easier for them. “Pilera’s support has been exceptional. Having us migrate from one platform to the other without that support, we would not have looked as good as we did. It gives our company a finished polish. Your ability to support a client is a strong point in why clients retain you.”
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PAS is providing Boards with more transparent, professional reporting

Pilera’s integrated software solutions have significantly enhanced PAS’s service delivery, particularly the Help Desk product which increased transparency with their Boards. Susan highlights, “We can now show the boards detailed reports of daily or monthly activities, like receiving 60 calls from your community, which helps in identifying trends and addressing issues promptly.” This capability to produce comprehensive reports previously unavailable has not only affirmed PAS’s value to the Boards but also secured long-term business retention.


PAS has seen a noticeable increase in resident satisfaction and a reduction of calls to the office. Carlos says, “The biggest impact is with the communication module because that’s what people see most often from us. It enhances our professional presentation.”

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PAS is building better communities every day

Pilera has become crucial to PAS’s operations, enhancing client relationships and helping the company grow. In their second year with Pilera, PAS introduced board-focused tools like architectural changes and rule violations, addressing key community challenges effectively. Susan recounted a board meeting transformed by presenting a comprehensive violations report, which was well-received: “They were ecstatic about the 14 pages of violations they could now track.” Pilera’s integration has also influenced PAS’s company culture, as Carlos notes, “Adopting these practices has made Pilera a part of our daily culture.”
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