Single Family HOA

Improve community relations and resident satisfaction through Pilera’s CRM platform. 

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Communication For All

Automated phone, email and texting services for the community association management industry.
Embrace Diversity. Reach all ages and demographics with automated phone, email, and text in a variety of languages. Up to 109 different language translation options.
An Unbeatable Price. Using Pilera just once a month to send messages instead of postal mail can cover its cost, with customers reporting thousands in savings per community.
Global reach
Reach Every Owner. Reach owners through a variety of dynamic filters and grouping methods and know you have reached them through analytical feedback in real-time.
Clean & Correct Data. Always know your residents’ contact information is up-to-date through built-in validation through the UI and in monthly reports.

Maintain Your Community With Stellar Maintenance!

Provide common area work orders, vendor tracking, and powerful assignment functionality to your community association.
Organize Your Maintenance Staff. Track vital information such as service requests submitted by residents, work orders assigned to staff and vendors, and more.
Stay Informed and Notify The Right People. Notify residents of service request updates, send automatic vendor insurance expiration notices, and access detailed reports on community maintenance and staff workload with Pilera.
Customized For You. Create customized categories to track each ticket and choose from a variety of permissions on both the ticket and comments added.
Full History of the Ticket. Track every touch that occurs to the ticket with a powerful audit history trail.
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The Only Support Software

Support management and customer relationship software for the community association management industry.
Built for Self Help. Give your managers, residents, and board members the ability to help themselves with a fully searchable help center and knowledge base.
Manage all support tickets for a unit easily! Because Pilera is built for the community association industry we track occupants at the person level and the unit level so you can easily find what you need.
Easily search through your entire portfolio! Easily access resident information and relevant data for any situation, whether through calls, emails, or other methods, with searches by phone number, vehicle type, unit, email, and more.
Board Meeting Reports. Provide board members with vital information on the support needs of their community through powerful PDF and Excel reporting.

Board Member’s Love Board+

Board+ is a premier HOA software product that includes Architectural Change Requests, Rule Violations, and Task Management that empowers board members to collaborate with one another and with their community management.
Improve Board and Management Collaboration. Pilera enables collaboration among board members, managers, and residents, allowing task assignments and architectural request submissions for approval.
Powerful Permissions. Maintain privacy with user permissions that secure information and ensure automated notifications are permission-based, from residents to upper management.
Community Dashboard. Board members can log in and see the status of their community such as how many common area work orders are currently open.
Organize your Board Meetings. Track board tasks and meeting notes in the accessible Pilera app, available from any device with internet access.
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Give Residents Access

Residents can login to access their balance and ledger, make payments, review community documents, submit work orders and more.
Make Online Payments. Use any payment provider you want to allow residents to log in and pay their balances.
Review Community Documents. Residents can log in to access community documents, with folder permissions restricting access based on roles like owners, occupants, board members, and managers.
Residents can Update their own Information. Reduce calls by allowing residents to update their contact information, contacts, vehicle information, add their own occupants and other key information.
Access a Variety of Community Features. Residents can access features like a directory, community calendar, and announcements through the resident portal, which integrates seamlessly with Pilera’s other products.