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Legal Marijuana and Homeowners Associations

As of December 15, marijuana is legal in Massachusetts. While only a handful of states have voted for legalization, experts predict that most if not all of the other states will eventually legalize. Which puts homeowners associations in an interesting dilemma. Should legal marijuana be allowed in condos? On the one hand, marijuana now falls […]

HOAs and Storm Prep

In many parts of the country, the temperatures have already settled into the 30s and 40s, and residents of those areas know that snow, ice, and wind are right around the corner. Even during mild winters, storms can wreak havoc on a property that isn’t prepared. Fortunately, there are simple things an HOA can do […]

Apartments, Condos, and a New President

Historically, markets tend to get jittery when a new president is elected, particularly when the incoming president represents a different party than the outgoing one. Real estate markets are not immune to this sense of disquiet and unease. When faced with the unknown, people are much more likely to stay put rather than make large […]

Homeownership and Giving Thanks

Though it seems like we were just lighting off fireworks to celebrate Independence Day, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Though different people celebrate it in different ways, the holiday itself is all about giving thanks and being grateful for the things we have. If you’re part of an HOA, that means you’re a homeowner, […]

Drone Delivery and Its Impact on HOAs

As technology continues to move forward, many online companies – amazon at the forefront – are toying with the idea of using unmanned drones to deliver packages to customers. If you’re not familiar with drones, they’re essentially small, highly maneuverable helicopters that can be controlled remotely. In theory, drone delivery has multiple advantages. One is […]

Fun and Unique Social Events the HOA Can Plan

The best way to create a community in your condo association is to make the residents feel like a community. There are myriad ways to do this, but one of the best is to plan a fun and inclusive social event that everyone can enjoy. Most of the typical social events revolve around something specific […]

Online Voting for HOA Board Members

Voting for new board members to serve your homeowners’ association can be a complicated and sometimes tedious process. Sometimes you know a potential candidate well. Sometimes you know virtually nothing about them, including why they believe they might be a good candidate. There can be voter bias, and even fraud. As with so many things […]