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Reduce Cooling Costs in the Summer

Temperatures are soaring and the A/C is cranking. Condo associations can reduce cooling costs in common areas with a few simple techniques. Read on and start saving! Natural Cooling with Plants Indoor temperatures rise when the sun beats down on roofs and walls. Keep indoor temperatures cooler by planting tall bushes around the property and […]

Resolving Disputes Between Homeowners and the HOA

Life within a homeowners’ association isn’t always harmonious. Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, a homeowner might find him- or herself at odds with the HOA and its rules and bylaws. This can make for an awkward and uncomfortable situation for everyone involved, but there are usually steps that can be taken before things get ugly. […]

Swimming Pools and the HOA

Swimming pools and the HOA. As the summer heats up, there’s nothing better than having easy access to a swimming pool. And not only does it keep you cool in the summer sun, having one on a condo building’s property can increase property values, attract potential buyers, and bring members of the community together to […]

HOAs and Records Retention

HOAs tend to generate a great deal of paperwork. Whether it’s statements, receipts, invoices, or the minutes from previous meetings, a lot is being written down and filed away. And here’s hoping that your HOA has already made the switch to virtual paperwork to remain eco-friendly. If not, there’s no time like the present. Anyway, […]

Pilera Updates: June 2016

Dear Pilera Customer, Just because you haven’t heard from us in a while doesn’t mean we haven’t been working hard! This month we have a slew of updates ranging from all new features to some much needed enhancements to our already existing capabilities. New Features! Knowledge Base: Less questions more answers! Put the answer to […]

Managing HOAs in Small Condo Buildings

Small condo buildings that have just a handful of units have a unique set of challenges and must be managed effectively to run well. Just because the three families or individuals living in a small building are friends doesn’t meant that the HOA can be run casually. Read on to make sure you avoid common […]

Keeping Your Community Association Website Updated

Community association websites are a great idea. They’re the perfect place to post notices and reminders, provide updates on any construction or changes to the property, and so much more. These websites are a convenient and simple place for anyone in the community to go and stay abreast of whatever’s happening at any given time. […]

Spring Cleaning

There’s nothing like flinging the windows open to let in some fresh air when the warm weather hits. It often inspires the desire to remove dust and grime that hid in the corners during the dark and chilly months of winter. That’s right – it’s spring cleaning time. And while that might mean for your […]

Pilera Knowledge Base Feature!

What is a Knowledge Base? A knowledge base can also be known as a Support Center or a FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page. Managers answer common questions they receive and add it to the knowledge base. Anytime someone has a question they can first review the Knowledge base without ever having to call your office. […]

Is It Worth It for Your HOA to Go Green?

There’s no question that going green has a positive impact on the environment as a whole. But, as those who prefer organic food over regular know well, it doesn’t come cheap. Making changes that benefit the earth might not be so beneficial to the HOA’s financial accounts. There’s also the question of what “going green” […]