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Fun and Unique Social Events the HOA Can Plan

The best way to create a community in your condo association is to make the residents feel like a community. There are myriad ways to do this, but one of the best is to plan a fun and inclusive social event that everyone can enjoy. Most of the typical social events revolve around something specific […]

Online Voting for HOA Board Members

Voting for new board members to serve your homeowners’ association can be a complicated and sometimes tedious process. Sometimes you know a potential candidate well. Sometimes you know virtually nothing about them, including why they believe they might be a good candidate. There can be voter bias, and even fraud. As with so many things […]

HOAs and the Rise of Airbnbs

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a new alternative to traditional hotels and motels. It’s called an airbnb, and it’s catching on like no one could ever have predicted. In essence, someone who owns a property and is not using it – e.g., they’re on vacation or away at a business conference […]

Having the Right Kinds of HOA Insurance

Insurance is just one of those things: you hate to pay for it when you don’t need it, but you’re incredibly grateful to have it when you do. Homeowners associations generally have quite a bit of insurance, and many of them have umbrella policies that cover them for just about any eventuality. This is extremely […]

Decorate for Halloween Without Scaring the HOA

Halloween is coming, which means doorsteps will soon be adorned with pumpkins and gourds and those plastic figures that scream when you walk by and those enormous blow-up bats … unless the HOA sets up rules far in advance. Here’s a quick guide that will help you set rules that will keep your property festive […]

An HOA’s Financial Projections Can Prevent Surprises

While some folks have the luxury of living in the moment, an HOA always has to be looking toward the future. If it’s the beginning of summer, the board needs to start thinking about leaf removal. If it’s fall, they need to make sure the budget is there for plows, salting, and sanding. It’s always […]

Apartment Rental and Transportation

Apartment Rental Cycles Generations always differ from one another in a variety of ways – the culture in which they’re raised, their relationship with technology, their priorities, and their likes and dislikes. But there are also things they have in common. For example, in most generations, younger people tend to rent apartments and older people […]

Keeping Your HOA Meetings Quick and Easy

Regular condo association meetings are important, but getting all of the condo owners to attend can be a challenge, especially if the meetings tend to be long and, let’s face it, dull. But there’s no reason they should be. HOA meetings can be less of a chore if the members of the board take steps […]

Dealing with Harassment as a Member of the HOA Board

In a perfect world, an HOA would have regular meetings where members of the community would ask the board questions, raise concerns, and receive regular updates. It would be structured, straightforward, and civilized. Unfortunately, that’s not how most meetings with the board go. Invariably, there will be a homeowner who thinks that their opinion is […]

Avoiding Discrimination Under the Fair Housing Act

Your condo association would never dream of turning away potential condo owners based on their race, religion, or familial status, but did you know your pool rules could put you in violation of the Fair Housing Act (FHA)? What is the Fair Housing Act? The FHA states that condo associations may not discriminate against people […]