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New Community Notes & Alliance Bank SSO

New Features Community Notes With new Community Notes, managers can share essential reminders, notes, or updates directly on their dashboard with other managers.  This note section serves as a digital scratchpad to help you bridge any communication gaps when changing shifts.  Alliance Bank Payment SSO Pilera’s integration with Village Management Software (VMS) now includes Alliance […]

10 Sustainability Tips for Eco-Friendly HOA Communities

Safeguarding our environment and promoting sustainability is vital to a thriving community. As a board member or HOA manager, you have numerous opportunities to contribute to environmental protection and enhance your community’s progress. Moreover, adopting sustainable construction and management techniques may reduce your carbon impact, boost your community’s finances, and heighten its aesthetic appeal. In […]

New PileraVotes Improvements & SSO Login for VMS

New Features Single Sign On (SSO) Login for VMS  We have added a new feature that allows managers to access their VMS accounts directly from within Pilera, making the workflow smoother. Through our new Single Sign On capability (SSO), you can easily log into your VMS account from Pilera and access crucial links such as […]

8 Features Every Self-Managed Condo Association Needs

A self-managed condo association runs its community’s daily operations without a management company’s assistance. Unlike associations managed by professional community association management companies, board members of self-managed condo associations are tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations. While this grants your community more control and saves costs, it can also feel overwhelming because of time constraints. […]

Navigating the Transition: A Guide to Welcoming New HOA Board Members

Homeowners’ association (HOA) boards often experience turnover, whether due to term limits, voluntary departures, or members moving away. Consequently, welcoming new members becomes a common occurrence. Joining a board, even for those familiar with its workings, can be daunting because of steep learning curves, decision-making demands, and high resident expectations. Board members can take some […]

New eVoting Platform from Pilera Helps HOAs Achieve Quorum

Nashua, NH: Pilera Software, an industry-leading community association management software, is pleased to announce its latest offering, an accessible and secure eVoting platform for HOAs and Condominiums. The new platform, called PileraVOTES, brings efficiency, enhanced security, and increased participation to community associations, empowering homeowners to shape their community’s future. With features such as real-time ballot […]

HOA Voting Guide for Managers: How Software Streamlines Community Decision-Making

Voting is essential in shaping residential communities’ future and improving decision-making processes. However, traditional HOA voting methods often include manually distributing and counting ballots, logistical challenges, and multiple meetings to achieve quorum. As communities evolve and leverage technology, HOA eVoting software can transform voting processes.  This blog article explores how eVoting software empowers managers to […]

HOA eVoting: Overcoming 5 Common Misconceptions Effectively

Are you considering switching to online voting for your community(ies) but hesitating due to worries about privacy, vulnerability to manipulation, or doubts about user-friendliness? Using technology to advance HOA eVoting can be a game-changer, yet some communities have concerns with online voting. This blog post will cover five misconceptions surrounding online voting in HOAs. From […]