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How to Manage Short-Term Rentals in Your HOAs

Welcome back to our 3-part series on short-term rentals in the HOA.  In our first post, we shared the advantages and disadvantages of short-term rentals in community associations, and how it continues to shape some state and international regulations.  In this week’s post, we’ll share some effective ways to handle short-term rentals in the communities […]

New in Pilera: March 10, 2020 Release Notes

Greetings everyone, This month, we are back with more updates on our Communication+ product for management companies and a very cool enhancement to improve your document library management experience.   New Feature: Get Communication+ directly from the appIn December 2019, we released a new product called Communication+ to help managers connect with their residents in a […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Short-Term Rentals in HOAs

With the rise of vacation rentals listing services such as Airbnb, VRBO, and many more, homeowners are now leveraging short-term rentals to generate more cash inflow.  A short-term rental is when a homeowner rents out their house or a condominium for a short amount of time, typically for a few nights or a week, to […]

7 Ways Resident Portal Provides Self-Service Capabilities

Giving the residents the tools that they need to have an enriching experience in their community is critical to gradually building engagement.  Tools that are built with a self-service mindset helps residents access information quickly, on any device, and with a minimal amount of help needed.  A self-service resident portal is just as beneficial to […]

Introducing the New Insurance Dashboard

Residents are required to purchase various types of insurance to protect their personal items and their home against theft, vandalism, equipment damage, and structural damage either caused by humans or nature.  The insurance that they are required to purchase must also be renewed every year so they can have their replacement costs covered if the […]

New in Pilera: February 11, 2020 Release Notes

Greetings, We’re back with more updates this month to enhance your experience with tickets and the event calendar.  We also just released a brand new Ebook that dives into all the new features we launched in 2019.  Now, without further ado, let’s talk about the new updates for this month! New Feature Insurance Dashboard We’ve […]

Countdown: The 5 Most Exciting Features from Pilera in 2019!

At Pilera Software, our goal is to give our clients a seamless experience managing their daily community tasks every day.  As we reflect on the year gone by, it’s been a great one in terms of providing new experiences and functionalities. Additionally, our customers achieved many exciting milestones in the app.  We’ve seen impressive growth […]

What Makes an HOA Management Company Successful?

A successful HOA management company is one that can build positive long-term relationships with its association clients, establish credibility in the industry, and grow over time.  Success, however, doesn’t come without planning, seeing the big picture, and attention to details. What does it take to reach the pinnacle of success in your HOA company? In […]

Introducing the New Resident and Board Member Dashboard

To start the new year, we’ve released some new exciting updates in the resident and board member portal.  These updates to the portal include a new home page when logging in and an easier to use navigation. The new resident and board member portal aims to enhance the resident experience in the portal with visibility […]

New Resident Dashboard Benefits for Community Management

Increasing resident engagement is one of the most important functions in community management, yet one of the most challenging.  To empower our clients in bringing more engagement to their community and building relationships with new potential communities, we’ve released a new feature called the resident and board member dashboard. What is the new resident and […]