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2021 Q3 Feature Wrap-Up: Resident Support Management, Portal Updates & Ticket Alerts

Greetings, We’re back with our quarterly feature wrap-up series where we share the new features we’ve released in the past three months! Some updates are brand new features that improve your operations and customer service, while others are quality of life enhancements to make running your communities more enjoyable! Without further ado, let’s get started! […]

October 19, 2021 Update: Improved Communications Workflow & New Physical Mailing!

New Features Improved workflow for Communications and a brand new look! We’ve redesigned the Send Announcement and Send Message pages to improve workflow, remove distractions, and save time.  These features still function the same way but with some new quality of life improvements.   Here’s how the new changes will make sending announcements and messages easier: […]

Should Your HOA use Text Messaging?

The number of community associations is constantly growing with more residents desiring a sense of community and shared responsibility. To ensure that a community runs smoothly and to improve the resident experience, communication with residents is critical. Residents expect to receive information about HOA dues, meetings, events, policies, maintenance, emergencies, and other important community information […]

5 Ways Technology Can Save On Your HOA Budget

As a community manager or board member, you’re just beginning to create a budget to plan expenses for the community next year.  However, creating a budget that saves money for your community can be a challenging job.  You have to take into account how to forecast expenses for utilities, insurance, vendors, reserves, maintenance, legal fees, […]

What is Customer Support Software, and why does your HOA Management Company need one?

Customer service is at the heart of any HOA management business.  When done well, customer service increases board member and resident satisfaction.  In today’s digital age, residents are looking to the web to get answers instantly. They also look up to their management company to provide them with quick and reliable support. That’s why it’s […]

August 24, 2021 Release Notes: Beautiful New Ticket Alerts and Integration Updates

Greetings! In this month’s release, we’re excited to share a new feature for tickets that many of our clients have been asking for along with some accounting integration updates. Let’s dive in! New Features 1) Create beautiful alerts for all of your tickets Managers can now create beautiful and professional-looking alerts for all ticket types […]

July 20, 2021 Release Notes: Customer Support Management and Resident Access for Violations & Unit Activity Logs!

Greetings! This month, we’re rolling out new features to help you improve your client service operations. Through these new features, you’ll be able to improve two-way communication with your residents and increase transparency with them. We’re talking about a new customer support tool and new resident-facing features! Read along! New Feature Important note: All new […]

How Professional Association Services, Inc. (PAS) Builds Better Communities with Pilera

For any successful community management company, increasing growth and delivering good customer service is a challenging balancing act. Fremont, California-based management startup, Professional Association Services, Inc. (PAS) focuses on building stronger client relationships to propel even more growth. In this blog article, you’ll learn how PAS improved its customer service operations and grew with Pilera’s […]