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New in Pilera: November 27, 2018 Release Notes

Greetings, We hope you all had a joyful and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday.  We’re happy to be back to give you the latest updates in our community management software.  This update is indeed a very special one, which our developers have been working hard to create for you, and we’re excited to share them.  We introduce two […]

Are emails not reaching your residents? 7 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

You are gearing up to send an email blast to your residential community reminding them of a snowstorm approaching your area this week and how the community operates.  You’ve spent a great amount of effort writing that email, giving your residents a lot of good resources, outlining emergency procedures, and listing community contact information.  Then, […]

New in Pilera: November 6, 2018 Release Notes

Greetings, This month’s enhancements to our community and property management solution focus on communications where we’ve added a new option for residents to receive messages and work order response templates to give on-creation insight into which communities your templates have been applied to.  Without further ado, let’s explore these new updates! Enhancements Communications Residents can […]

Does your Community Website Stand Out? 5 Tips to Engage & Inform Your Residents!

A website is a long-term investment into a community’s operations.  When a website is well-built and nurtured over time with the purpose of keeping residents informed, it can help managers and board members to build stronger relations with the community, while running it more efficiently.  Residents can get access to information easily amidst their busy […]

New in Pilera: October 2018 Release Notes

Greetings everyone, This month, we have a few enhancements to our community and property management software to share with you.  These updates are enhancements to work orders, the occupant ticket permissions that we released last month, the new document library. Enhancements Work orders  The work order ticket details now display a vendor tooltip for quick […]

Latest Property Management News: Emergency Preparation, Budgets, Solar, and more

Staying updated with the latest property management news is key to improving your operations internally.  Additionally, certain news and trends can impact the services you provide to the residential community.  Learning about challenges communities encounter and how they respond to those challenges can provide your management team with newer perspectives.  In this post, we focus […]

Manager Toolkit: 8 Tips to Enhance Your New Document Management in Pilera

In the past few months’ Manager Toolkit series, you’ve been learning more about how to best increase your community outreach through our communications platform.  This month, we emphasize on the new document library and how you can enhance the document management experience for your team members and enable secured access to community members.   The […]