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New Resident Dashboard Benefits for Community Management

Increasing resident engagement is one of the most important functions in community management, yet one of the most challenging.  To empower our clients in bringing more engagement to their community and building relationships with new potential communities, we’ve released a new feature called the resident and board member dashboard. What is the new resident and […]

New in Pilera: January 15, 2020 Release Notes

Greetings, We have two new exciting updates as we’ve entered in the new year and decade.  These two new features are designed to enhance the resident experience in their community portal.  Read on to learn more about these updates and some enhancements and fixes to Pilera’s community management platform this month. New Features Resident Dashboard […]

Achieve Your Retention and Acquisition Goals with New Ticket Analytics Report

Are you wanting to strengthen your competitive position in the property management market or improve staffing decisions internally?  Well, now in Pilera, management executives will be able to do all this and more with our new Ticket Analytics Reports! Insights from these reports can facilitate decisions on daily operations, customer retention, and new customer acquisition […]

New in Pilera: December 17, 2019 Release Notes

Greetings everyone! In this month’s release, we’re excited to announce a brand new report that will provide high-level analytics on various management operations.  We’ve also released several enhancements from Architectural Change Requests to the Event Calendar.  Without further ado, let’s dive into the updates! New Features: Ticket Analytics Report The new ticket report provides high-level […]

4 Ways to Better Align HOA Manager and Board Member Goals

The success of an HOA community relies on elected board members and their appointed management company to work together in carrying out decisions that are in the best interest of residents – from facilitating their use of community resources to maintaining or increasing their property values.  Oftentimes, in performing these duties, community managers and board […]

5 Communication Tools to Leverage in Pilera This Winter

As we continue to weather the snow during the winter season, it is important to stay in touch with your residents.  Letting your residents know about mandatory car removals for snowplows, blocked areas or streets, or emergency evacuations is critical to maintaining the safety of the neighborhood during inclimate weather.  In this month’s manager toolkit, […]

Building Resident Relationships with Communication +

We’re excited to introduce Communication +, a new product that joins Pilera’s suite of management platforms for single-family HOA’s, condominiums, and apartments.  Through the Communication + product, managers now have a variety of ways to convey their messages to residents with confidence and at an affordable rate.   What is the difference between Communication and Communication+? […]

The 5-Step Guide to Successfully Managing Tasks within Pilera

A successful community relies heavily on the communication between board members and the community managers that carry out operations on their behalf.  Managers and board members work together to solicit vendor bids, draft budgets and reserves, and handle owner correspondences. With so many tasks to work on, they need an easy way to organize them […]

New in Pilera: November 12, 2019 Release Notes

Greetings everyone, We’re back this month with a load of updates, including two new features!  Architecture Change Request is a new functionality in this release, which has been highly requested by our clients and will be join our HOA+ product.  We’ve also developed a new calendar system within Pilera, so you don’t have to embed […]