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The Property Management Creep Factor

One of the great things about being a property manager is that no two days are alike. You never know what tomorrow will bring. For that matter, you never know what this afternoon will bring! That uncertainty may not appeal to everyone, but if you believe variety is the spice of life, then becoming a […]

Planting an Idea This Summer

Summer is a great time to think about your property’s landscaping. You can plant hot weather loving plants or begin to think about fall landscaping, like bulbs, that will beautify your property next spring. There are plenty of reasons to think about the grounds of your property. Beautiful grounds not only increase property values, but […]

Potential Tenants: Screen the Hell Out of Them

Okay, the blog title might sound a little extreme, but in the wild world of finding tenants, it’s really not. If someone comes to you and is looking to rent, that’s excellent, right? Income stream will be up, vacancies will be down, and everyone’s happy. All true, but you don’t know a thing about this […]

Maintaining a High Renewal Rate

Different properties tend to have typical rental cycles, depending on their residents. For example, properties in cities with a lot of students tend to turn over apartments either at the beginning or end of the summer. Of course, when students graduate, there isn’t much property owners can do to entice them to stick around. New […]

Tips for Renting Your Older Property

There are parts of the country where for the most part, rental properties are brand new with every modern convenience imaginable. There are other parts of the country where those modern properties compete with the charm of older rental properties. Luckily, everyone in the market for a rental has his or her preference and as […]

Smart Summer Travelers Choose Vacation Rentals

Memorial Day brought with it the unofficial start to summer, which means that school is almost out and vacation time is upon us. Traditionally, people planning a vacation wouldn’t think twice about booking a hotel as soon as plane tickets were purchased, but that tradition is changing. Rather than seek out yet another nondescript hotel […]

As a Community Manager, Are You Wasting Your Time?

No, we’re of course not implying that being a community manager is a waste of time. The question is are you wasting valuable time in your day-to-day responsibilities as a community manager? Are you falling further and further behind because your methods and protocols are unwieldy and out of date? Are issues that arise taking […]

How Threatening Is the Housing Market to Apartment Complexes?

There’s been plenty of talk in the news lately about the rebounding housing market, leading many in the apartment industry to wonder how they’ll be affected. The good news is that experts conclude they won’t be affected much. Here’s what those in the know know: Few people are leaving their apartments to make a home […]

The Dark Side of Community Management

When you first visit a property as a potential resident, everything is designed around you seeing the best that the property has to offer. The management office (hopefully) is spotless, the staff are friendly and helpful, and there’s usually a candy dish for you to enjoy while you look over lots of glossy, colorful paperwork. […]