How to meet resident expectations in a modern market

Turning prospective HOA and condo associations into clients can be overwhelming and pose a challenge for management companies.  With the property management market becoming more consolidated and saturated with many players, small and mid-sized management companies are finding it difficult to compete.  Many management companies who have lost out on associations learned that upon asking their communities about their decision-making process, the associations loved what they did, but another company had resident-facing software that they needed.  A resident-facing software can prove to a powerful selling factor and give companies an edge over the competition.  Pilera Software is one such management platform that empowers HOA and condo companies to gain more prospective clients by providing them with management and resident tools to more efficiently operate the community. 

Self-service resident portal

In the age of digital information, residents expect to receive up-to-the-minute news and perform various tasks quickly.  Residents will appreciate having a self-service resident portal that allows them to manage updates and occupants in their unit, pay their dues on time, submit service requests, get instant answers from a knowledge base.  This central portal also helps them to stay connected to the community through upcoming events, communication, and the resident directory.

Customer service

Customer support operations are at the heart of any community operation.  Quality customer service results in happy residents and board members that will want to retain your services in the long-run.  Pilera’s help desk product helps managers to stay on top of customer support through ticket creation, assignment, and follow-up dates to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  The ability to collaborate on a ticket ensures that correct information and direction are being given whereas comprehensive audit tracking keeps everyone knowledgeable on a support ticket.

Property and common area maintenance

One of the most important functions of a community manager is to maintain or increase property values through the specific units (association-responsible) and common area maintenance.  The tracking of work orders from creation to completion allows managers to stay organized and accountable for their work while keeping their co-workers and residents in the loop.  Email notifications to residents reduce calls to the office and allow managers to work on more important projects for the community they’re managing. 

Do you have the tools right for you?

Many of our clients have shared their experience using Pilera’s suite of community management tools and say that the tools have made it easier for them to have a conversation with prospective associations and eventually land their business.  Having the right set of tools that is available 24×7, customizable, and reliable is vital for enhancing your customer support operations and meeting resident expectations. To learn more about how Pilera can benefit your communities today, connect with us at [email protected] or read more about our client’s success stories.


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