Apartment Communities

Tools for Apartment and Rental Property Managers, Owners, and Tenants. Grow your business and increase work efficiency with Pilera’s property management software.

Communicate with Confidence

Effective tenant retention hinges on communication, and Pilera’s property management software enables managers to communicate swiftly and reliably with tenants in their preferred ways. Managers can also track interactions for improved future communications.
Connect with Tenants, Their Way. Enhance communication effectiveness by allowing tenants to choose their preferred contact method—text, email, or phone—and receive messages in their chosen language.
Send Relevant Messages. Enhance your messaging impact using Pilera’s dynamic segmentation to target specific details like location or user type, ensuring precise delivery to owners, tenants, and managers across your entire portfolio.
Get Updates in Real-Time. Keep track of your messages, monitoring delivery and tenant interactions such as opening texts, clicking email links, or responding to announcements in real time.
Built-in Protection to Communicate Quickly & Reliably. Use Pilera’s advanced features like automated retry systems, reporting, and detection of invalid contacts to ensure timely and reliable message delivery to tenants.

Fully Integrated Work Order

Drastically reduce response times to your residents and ensure the best service with a work order and vendor management tool that works great hand in hand.
Vendors & Maintenance Tickets Perfectly Integrated. Keep vendor information updated, rate them, and receive insurance expiration alerts to choose the best for the job. Quickly assign tickets to vendors who are automatically notified upon selection.
Actionable Insights. Optimize maintenance with reports on staff workload, ticket volumes, and job specifics like duration and resources.
A Complete History of Your Tickets. Safeguard your reputation by promptly addressing tenant questions with Pilera, which tracks a complete history of events and communications for each ticket.
Stay Ahead with Notifications and Reports. Stay updated with Pilera’s system that alerts you to new work orders and potential issues, enhancing management with automated reports and tracking.

The Only Support Software

Unlike generic solutions, Pilera is tailored for property management, offering end-to-end management of resident support requests and an intuitive help center for superior tenant service.
Organize and Track Tickets by Unit & Tenant. Pilera stands out by allowing support ticket tracking at both unit and occupant levels, providing detailed tenant and unit histories for efficient issue resolution.
Monitor Employee Workload. Use Pilera's support dashboard to monitor employee workload and adjust resources as needed to enhance productivity and tenant service.
Keep track of your tenant check-ins. Managers can assign follow-up tickets to any manager in the system and set due dates to ensure timely tenant check-ins and prevent any oversight.
Self-Assist Help Center. Enhance customer service with Pilera’s searchable knowledge base, where tenants and staff can find answers and reference internal articles efficiently.

Occupant Access through Tenant Portals

The best way to deliver an enriching customer experience to your residents is through a self-service portal, accessible 24×7 and through any device! The plus side – managers can save an abundance of time when tenants and owners update their own information!
Self Assistance Portals for Tenants & Owners. Pilera’s portal integrates smoothly, allowing residents to update contact details, view unit info, select communication preferences, request services, and more.
Online Payments & Accounting Integration. Boost payment collection using Pilera, which allows residents to access financial histories and pay online, integrating with CIT, Paylease, or your preferred bank.
Work Orders. Residents can submit maintenance requests with attachments, and managers can update them on work order progress at each step.
A Community Database. Engage tenants and owners by providing a comprehensive database of unit and community information, including messages, documents, events, FAQs, and resident directories.

Additional Tracking to Increase Rental Efficiency

Improve management throughout the rental lifecycle with powerful data tracking from lease to when they become a tenant. Keep track of the entire unit’s history with Pilera’s robust property management software.
Lease Management. Add a new tenant user type and track important lease information such as move-in and move-out dates, billing frequency, rent amounts, deposits, and more!
Package Notifications. Great for high-rise apartments, you can track packages with ease and notify your residents when it arrives.
Track Key Information. Improve your database with comprehensive vehicle and parking management, insurance information, unit-level document storage, and more.

Most Useful Features for Property Management

Automated Phone, Email, Texting System

Communication History

Document Library for Property & Unit

Work Order & Vendor Management

Event & Amenities Calendar

Lease Management

Task Management & Assignment

Comprehensive Unit Tracking

Automated and On-Demand Reports

Track Vehicles, pets, and more!