10 Reasons Community Management Companies Choose Pilera

An image of sending an automated communication through a tablet. Keep residents in your HOA, property management, or condo community informed.

Performing important tasks effectively while focusing on the big picture can be a challenge in the community management industry where one’s to wear many hats.  Therefore, when you have the right software at the helm, you can save time and money, as well as focus on the most important goals.  Never short-sell yourself of the tools you need to manage your communities.  If you’re researching new solutions, stick around and we’d be happy to share why you’ll love using Pilera.

  1. All in one Software

    Community management is dynamic with new challenges everyday.  You may be inundated with many tasks to fulfill these goals: managing resident information, fulfilling service requests, maintaining brand standards, enhancing community image, ensuring compliance, providing excellent customer service, and more.  

    With countless tasks on your mind, tracking and organizing is difficult.  However, with a platform that streamlines your workflow, improves collaboration with staff, and helps you to communicate with all stakeholders, management can be made simple.  Pilera’s web portal includes many features to make operations easier: communications, branding, customer service, compliance, resident data management, accounting integrations, and more.

  2. Top Class Communications

    A diverse community requires diverse solutions.  Have you ever wanted multiple ways to reach your residents, to ensure they receive communications in the way that’s convenient for them?  Or save your previous messages so you can use it the next season?  Here’s how you can enhance communications with our web portal:

      • Send phone, email or text
      • Allow residents to choose their preferred contact method and language (select from 90 languages!)
      • View confirmations of message delivery instantly.
      • Create new message templates that keep your company on point and can be used again.
      • Smart technology sending ensures a message will be resent if it doesn’t reach the recipient the first time.
  3. Robust Maintenance Management Tools

    Pilera has robust work order and vendor management tools to help upkeep your community and ensure it\’s compliant with regulations.  With work orders, you can easily manage unit-level and common area maintenance issues, assign tickets to staff and vendors, and export reports for your next board meeting.  With our new vendor management app, you can track all vendor information including COI’s, receive frequent reports on expiring COI’s & rate and select preferred vendors.   

  4. Customers First!

    Our team of customer service and product specialists are understanding, attentive, knowledgeable, and ready to help when you need it.  They are passionate about helping community managers reach their potential each day.  Our team also provides comprehensive training to your team to ensure you’re fully set up and raring to go! Our customer support and product specialists can be reached here.

  5. Portfolio-level Dashboards and Reporting

    When surrounded with an ocean of data, it’s challenging to retain information that’s most important.  Keeping this in mind, this year we’ve implemented “Enhanced Ticketing”, where you can take information to the next level.  You can view different ticket types across the portfolio, review each team member’s workload, and filter on multiple criteria such as “assigned to”, dates, and more.

  6. Monthly Updates

    As community management continually evolves, so do customer expectations for a software solution.  We have a wonderful team of software developers and engineers, that understand managers needs’ (and are learning more each day!), creating new features, and performing enhancements for current functionality.   At Pilera, we’re determined to make managing communities easier for you.  You can always check out our latest release notes.

  7. Powerful Knowledge Management Tools

    Ever wished you had the answer to a resident question instantly?  Or, had a specific process from your brilliant staff member documented before she left the company?  Our knowledge base offers more than just the traditional question and answer format.  It’s a place where you can keep information easily accessible for your team after-hours or train new staff.  Set permissions for residents or for management and board members only.  Document anything from budgeting processes to resident guest policies and search for it easily later with keywords.

  8. A Secure Platform

    Pilera is built securely on Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) cloud platform and implements strict technology security standards such as hash encryptions.  Rest assured that your data is in safe hands and accessible whenever you need it.

  9. Community Website + Web Portal

    Our community websites integrate with many web portal features such as events, marketplace, and document library.  The websites are easy to create and maintain with drag-and-drop elements, photo galleries, and login-protected pages for managers, board members, and residents.

  10. Integration with top Accounting Software

    Our integration partners are the leaders in the accounting software industry.  Many types of data can be transferred into a consolidated view in Pilera depending upon your accounting software.  Data is synced automatically and when you want it.  Residents can view their balances and ledgers directly in Pilera.

This winter season, give your management, staff, and board members the gift of simple communications and operations for many more seasons to come.  For your residents, you can be confident in knowing that they are more informed.  You deserve to have a solution that can make wearing several hats as a community manager easier everyday.    

Can we help you achieve these success stories?  Contact us for any information you want to know or sign up for a live demo and see our software in action!  

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