Benefits of Pilera & Village Management Software (VMS) Integration & How It Works

The primary goal of property management companies is to grow their business while improving operational efficiency.  In order to maintain the financial health of their company, managers implement accounting software to keep track of receivables, expenses, and budgets.  That\’s where integrating accounting software with property management software comes in. It enables managers to improve efficiency, deliver rapid customer service, and also keep residents connected to their community. 

In this article, we’ve teamed up with Village Management Software (VMS) to share how Pilera complements VMS, what you can expect in the integration, and also how VMS can automate your accounting.  VMS is one of the most popular accounting platforms for property management companies and HOAs, helping to track account receivables, payables, budgeting, and more.

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How Pilera Complements VMS

Pilera and VMS seamlessly integrate through our cloud technologies, to allow information within the VMS accounting platform to be accessed through Pilera’s web portal system.  This is a two-way integration, which means that your data is consistent and accurate in both systems.  VMS & Pilera’s integration ensures that your accounting department stays separate from your management department.  While your accounting staff manages the financial health of the company through VMS, your management staff will perform daily operations seamlessly and grow their clientele with Pilera.  

Connect residents to their community

Enhance the features in VMS that you already love with Pilera’s premier mobile-responsive portal for tenants and owners. Through the portal, tenants and owners get access to all community information instantly.  Access to community information instantly is also helpful because it reduces inbound calls/emails to your office and improves resident satisfaction! 

Take a look at what your residents can do in Pilera:

  • Register easily online to get access to the portal.
  • Update contact information, communication and language preference, alternate addresses, vehicles, leases, insurance, and pets. 
  • Manage other occupants and contact information.
  • Submit work orders and architecture change requests.
  • View documents, events, and messages.  
  • Opt-in to a resident directory, get answers through an easily searchable FAQ, and submit forms/surveys. 

Take your community presence a step further with websites

Pilera’s mobile-responsive websites are completely customizable so that you can make your community’s culture shine through.  The websites also are easy to maintain for your non-technical staff.  Pilera’s property and homeowners association websites provide: 

  • Customizable templates and content.
  • Public and private pages.
  • Integration with portal features such as resident balances and ledgers through VMS accounting integration, online payments, documents, events, and more.   
  • Additional features such as lead capture forms, photo galleries, and your own domain.

Resident Online Payment

Pilera integrates with Paylease and CIT Bank to help you streamline online dues and rent payments.  This means that residents can log into the portal to make payments and view other important community or property information.

VMS\’s Collection Management Features

There are a number of VMS accounting features that can help scale and grow your business through the use of time-saving automation. VMS provides fully integrated accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger modules. All data is processed and managed in real-time. Integrated G/L budgeting, allows for an automated budget generation. Unlimited customized reports and parameters, in addition to access to over 700 pre-configured report templates, is all populated with real-time data.

Accounts Receivable

  • Single Step Billing*
  • Lockbox Processing*
  • ACH Management
  • Property & Account Adjustment Management*
  • Coupon/Statement Creation*
  • Accounts Payable

Delinquency Control

  • Collection Management
  • Automated Account Analysis
  • Intelligent Balance Analysis
  • Sequenced Letter Processing
  • Automated Email Notices

*Batch Process

Enhance communication with tenants, owners, and board members in Pilera

With the two-way resident contact sync from VMS to Pilera, managers ensure that they have the most up-to-date information to immediately reach owners, tenants, and board members.  Pilera offers the most robust communication tools in the market, which allows managers to send automated phone, email, and text in just one click.  Furthermore, managers can easily measure the effectiveness of their communication by knowing who opened the email or text, or who listened to the phone call.


Pilera’s communication tool helps you manage your community outreach every step of the way.  Enhance your communications today with:

  • Portfolio email announcements
  • Emergency messaging
  • Templates and branding
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Communication archive
  • Reports on invalid contacts and communication usage

Deliver unparalleled customer service

In Pilera, delivering superior customer service to your residents has never been easier.  Reduce response time with powerful activity log creation and assignment, filterable dashboards, and audit tracking.  Pilera also provides additional capabilities to help you deliver a high standard of customer service your residents have come to expect: 

  • Online help center – 24×7 access to resident’s frequently asked questions. 
  • Pretender functionality – Troubleshoot on the spot when you can see exactly what your residents see.  Resolve issues faster! 
  • Comprehensive unit and resident profile – Instantly gain access to all unit and resident data in one place.  Furthermore, managers can view all work orders associated with the unit or resident, architecture change requests, unit logs, violations, leases, and occupants at each unit.  

Invigorate your board members

Whether on the go or at a virtual board meeting, board members collaborate with management and stay organized with:

  • Board member dashboard.
  • Task management, assignment, filterable dashboard, and reports.
  • Architectural requests, assignment, approvals, and electronic notices to residents.
  • Custom event calendars.
  • Documents restricted to board members only.

Gain your competitive edge with Pilera

Generate more NOI

Pilera helps you scale your growth and generate a higher net operating income (NOI) for the properties you manage.  Built for companies that want to grow their portfolio, Pilera also helps managers to communicate and monitor work efficiency.  Managers can achieve growth goals with:

  • Ticket analytics report for work orders, activity logs, ACRs, tasks, and violations.
  • Portfolio-level filters for all types of tickets.
  • Automated and on-demand reports for communication, vendors, tickets, and more.
  • A premier portal for residents to access all important community information.
  • A central place for board members to track all their community responsibilities and communicate with their manager.

Branding for your websites, portal, and messages

Pilera offers custom branding to help you improve your company or community’s presence.  The portal also comes with custom branding with your company’s logo and colors and you can customize your website’s look and feel.  Every message sent to a resident in Pilera will also have the company/community logo and brand colors so residents immediately know the message is coming from you!  

Customized solutions built for diverse needs

Every community or property has unique needs.  Pilera\’s a-la-carte pricing model lets you can pick and choose the products that meet your business needs.  Additionally, our unit-based pricing gives the flexibility to grow your company on Pilera at your own pace.  Customers ranging from 50 units to 50,000 units are using Pilera to engage residents as well as increase operational efficiency. 

How the Pilera & Village Management Software (VMS) Integration Works

Two-way integration

The integration of Pilera and VMS is two-way, which means that managers can update resident contact information in Pilera and VMS and it will sync back to the other system.   

Real-time balance & ledger

Pilera’s integration with VMS provides a real-time balance and ledger for all your owners and tenants.  Managers can log in at any time and see what an owner/tenant owes to the community or property.  Similarly, residents can view the balance and ledger. 

Simple on-boarding process

Our customers can get set up with the Pilera and VMS integration within two weeks.  Our team takes a white-glove approach to make the on-boarding process simple, requiring little effort from our customers.  During the setup process, we run data to create consistent workflows for our customers.  Additionally, our customer support team is specially trained to handle setups for VMS integration and they will do a thorough check to make sure that streets, contacts, and contact information are synced properly. 

30-day money-back guarantee

Pilera offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with your setup, you can receive a refund of the setup cost.  

Automate your accounting with VMS

VMS is not just a single program, but a suite of management tools including everything from accounting, compliance, collections, and delinquency control.

Find out what thousands of homeowners associations, condominium associations, and apartment/rental management companies across the country already know…

Village Management Software can and will increase the efficiency and productivity of your property management business, giving your company the competitive edge it needs to thrive and grow.

General Ledger

  • Batch Journal Entries*
  • Memorized Entry Management
  • Rapid Journal Entry Inquiry

Accounts Payable

  • Batch Invoicing*
  • MICR Printing*
  • Digital Document Attachment & Signatures*
  • Memorized Invoice Processing*
  • Work Order to AP Submittal


  • Auto Reconciliation**
  • Lockbox Processing*
  • Positive Pay Analysis**
  • Single View Manual Reconciliation
  • Statement View
  • AP Check Image View**
  • Bank Account Transfers**

Multiple Budgets Across Cost Centers

  • Auto-Populate Prior Year Analysis
  • Excel Add-In Module
  • Month to Month income to Expense Analysis

*Batch Process

**Participating Banks

Explore Pilera & VMS Integration Today

Pilera’s property management software is designed to make managing HOAs and apartment properties easier and more enjoyable.  With our comprehensive suite of management tools, managers can save time, improve productivity, and also deliver superior customer service.

Theresa Beers, Director of Community Associations at T-Square Properties, shares “With the emails feeding from VMS, we are able to send late notices, water shut-offs, asphalt paving, traffic flow notices, monthly assessment reminders, and general information with a check of a box.  This is a faster, more efficient use of our time than emailing, and we can track who has received and read the notice.”  

Want to learn how the Pilera & VMS integration can increase efficiency for your company?  Download the Pilera & VMS Integration Datasheet or contact [email protected]. Alternatively, you can also get a personalized 1:1 demo to see how Pilera can work for your communities today.  

Get the Pilera & VMS integration data sheet here!

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This article is co-authored by Village Management Software (VMS).

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