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PileraCare Email Dashboard

Regain Control of Your Time

We understand the challenges of keeping resident contacts updated. Pilera Connect lifts this burden by automating the maintenance of your recipient lists, ensuring you’re always connected to the right audience, whether targeting a single group or your entire portfolio.

Seamlessly send messages to your entire portfolio or segment contacts by user type.
Dynamic groups automatically adjust as residents move in and out, maintaining synchronization with CRM.
Integration with accounting systems keeps resident information accurate and up-to-date.

Meet Your Community Where They Are

Strengthen client relations step by step. Offer a variety of communication methods, including phone, text, email, and postal mailing, to suit all resident preferences.

Language translation. Pilera Connect translates texts and emails into over 100 languages and makes phone calls in Spanish.
Message tracking. Instantly confirm if a message was delivered, bounced, opened, or replied to.
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PileraCare Email Dashboard

Ensure Dependable Message Delivery

Never worry about missed communications again. Pilera Connect’s robust fault protection and archival features safeguard your communication process.

Emergency messaging with Reverse 911 ensures critical information reaches residents quickly across multiple channels.
PileraConnect’s built-in fault protection ensures your message is sent when other competitors fail.
With a 99.9% deliverability rate, Pilera works behind the scenes to ensure a high sender reputation.

Capture resident responses and archive messages automatically

Gone are the days of misplaced resident and board conversations. With PileraConnect, you can locate and preserve resident responses to aid in staff transitions, business disruptions, or legal issues.

Residents can now conveniently respond to announcements directly from their email, eliminating the need to log into the portal.
Keep track of responses at a community or a person level.
Automatically archive messages and track emails, phone, and text message statuses.

Smart, cost-effective, and reliable

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Faster Communication
Communicate with residents more efficiently than ever before.
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More ROI
Enhance your Return on Investment with significantly more efficient messaging.
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Message Delivery
Get your message delivered every time.
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Why Choose Pilera?

Unlock the full potential of your community management with Pilera's tailored CRM solutions. Here's how we make it easier for you to connect and thrive:

Tailor-Made CRM for Community Associations

Pilera’s CRM is custom-built for the community association management. We help you focus on enhancing relationships, retention, and loyalty with customizable features to fit your needs.

Reliable Uptime

Enjoy consistent, dependable service with a 99.9% uptime rate. Pilera is ready whenever you need it.

Enhanced Collaboration

Open the door to a collaborative environment. Pilera’s suite of integrated modules helps everyone involved in community management work better together.

Case Study

Learn how a management company overcame a $16 million disaster in their community with Pilera.

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The Pilera platform includes


Stay connected effortlessly. Pilera Connect guarantees reliable, easy communications across all channels: