Half-Year Feature Roundup: Portfolio Messages, Calendars, Dashboards, and more!


We’re back with a half-year roundup post of the new features and major enhancements we released in Pilera’s community management software.  In this blog post, you\’ll learn about new updates in Pilera from January to June of this year and how you can start leveraging some of our new functionality for your communities.  

1) Communication Updates

This year we’ve made two major updates to our communication platform to give our clients a more efficient and cost-effective experience as they communicate with their communities. The first is the Portfolio Announcement feature. Through this feature, managers can send out email announcements to select communities or to their entire portfolio. Additionally, they can further segment their messages by the type of user: owners, tenants, board members, and other occupants. Especially during these uncertain times, many of our managers prefer to send company-wide updates to their staff members, company policy updates to their board members, or reach a wide range of residents at once. With the Portfolio Announcement feature, communicating with many communities at once has become simpler and faster than ever. If you’d like to sign up for a free trial of the Portfolio Communication feature, please contact [email protected].


The second is the Communication+ product, which enables managers to send out unlimited text and phone messages to their communities at a more affordable price of $2/unit/year.  It is now easier for Company Admins to purchase the product within the Communication screen in Pilera.  Read more about the benefits of Communication+ here.

2) Resident Dashboard

As residents log into their community portal, they are welcomed with a new, more intuitive home screen called the Resident Dashboard.


In the new dashboard, residents have quick and easy access to their communication preferences, payment balance, open work orders, ARC requests, waiting packages, communications sent to them in the past month, and management office hours.

3) Board Member Dashboard

Similar to residents, board members also have access to their new board dashboard as they log into the Pilera portal to give them high-level insight into their account and what is going on in the community they lead.  Board members have an additional set of information available to them in the dashboard: open tasks and ARCs in the community.


4) Custom Event Calendars

An important way that managers and board members build a sense of community is by hosting a variety of events.  To enable our clients to better manage various events, we’ve released a new Custom Event Calendar feature.  Through this feature, managers can create custom calendars, add events to those calendars, and manage notifications.  Some examples of custom calendars that managers can create include kid’s events, amenity open hours, amenity closures for maintenance, and more.  As many in-person events have shifted digitally during the ongoing pandemic, managers can send a link to the online event invite within the email notification in Pilera and track opens in the message center. 


The Custom Calendar, which is part of the Board+ functionality, also provides many features for board members and community managers to work on community responsibilities together.  If you’d like to learn more about how Custom Event Calendars and the Board+ product can work for you, please contact us at [email protected].  

5) Insurance Dashboard

The insurance dashboard provides a summary of all insurance tickets managers have created in a specific community or across their entire portfolio.  The main aim of this dashboard is to provide managers with high-level insights on types of insurance being tracked, expiration information, and quick access to insurance agent information.  Managers can also generate reports for their offline use by filtering criteria that meets their business needs.


Other Notable Mentions

  • Due to a drastic increase in use over the past 4 months, we have optimized our system to increase message deliverability speed by up to 20x during high traffic times.  
  • When sending a notification about an event in the new Event Calendar, managers can choose to notify by location (entire community or specific street, building, floor, or unit) or type of user (owner, tenant, other occupants, and/or a manager).
  • Residents will have an improved user experience while viewing and editing work orders.  In the portal, residents can now sort and filter common area work orders by the state: any, open, and closed.  Additionally, we’ve improved the editing experience for the resident’s unit-level work orders.
  • We have streamlined the folder creation process in the document library.  Now, when creating a folder, you can adjust the permissions, sort order, and description immediately in the same user interface.  This new enhancement will help managers save time in managing folders in the document library.
  • Managers can now search for ticket ID’s in the dashboard via the Subject field.

Missed any of our previous feature updates?  Check them all out below!

  • June 2020 – Portfolio announcement, board member fixes, and resident work order enhancement.
  • April 2020 – Custom event calendar and ticket analytics enhancement.
  • March 2020 – Getting Communication+ directly from the app, document library enhancement, and better clarification for the resident opt-out.
  • February 2020 – Insurance Dashboard, ticket ID, and event calendar notification updates.
  • January 2020 – Resident & Board dashboard, event calendar in websites, and knowledge base enhancements.

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