November 17, 2021: New Physical Mailing Now Available!

Image of mailboxes - Pilera release notes - new physical mailing feature and address update capabilities.

New Features

Physical mailing is now available for all integrations!

Last month, we introduced the first look of our new Physical Mailing feature for Jenark and nonintegrated clients.  We’re excited to announce that the new Physical Mailing feature is now available for all of our accounting integrations – VMS, Asyst, C3, Caliber, QuickBooks Online, TOPS, and Vantaca.  Through this feature, you will be able to generate PDF letters and upload them to a third-party solution such as SouthData.

Watch Video: PDF Letter Generation Tutorial

If you missed our last feature update, here\’s a recap of how Pilera\’s new physical mailing will improve your communications:

Improve reach with flexible sending options:

  • Choose between sending a letter to residents’ unit address or mailing address.
  • Flexible mailing options empower you to reach every resident.  Send to:
    • All residents irrespective of their communication preferences.  
    • Residents who are not already receiving any digital communications.
    • Limit sending physical mail to one letter per unit. 
  • Choose to send your mail via Standard or Certified US mail.

Improve your company\’s brand recognition:

  • Upload your own header and footer in the PDF letters.
  • Automatically include a return address.
  • Preview your letterhead before generating your PDF letters. 

Pilera’s advanced communications platform takes your physical mailing one step further:

  • Preview the PDF letter to make sure it’s of your liking before sending it out.
  • Save time by sending email, phone, text, and generating PDF letters all at the same time.
  • Create reusable templates for PDF letter generation so you can save time.
  • Pilera’s advanced segmentation capabilities give you even more ways to customize your recipients.  Segment your physical mailing efforts by unit and people-based distribution groups; send by occupant type; or by a specific street, floor, building, or unit. 

New address update capabilities

Managers can now sync unit address changes from their accounting system to Pilera, stress-free.  Previously, any changes to the unit address when synced to Pilera would result in data loss in the resident account such as associated work orders, violations, or other tickets.  Now, when a manager makes changes to the unit address in their accounting system like unit name, building, and street name, there will not be any data loss.  This enhancement is now available for all of our accounting integrations.  


Event calendar enhancements

You can now send on-demand event invites to on-site managers and board members.


Resident Portal updates

Residents can now view closed rule violations in the resident portal.  

About Pilera

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