December 18, 2018 Release Notes – Activity Log Templates

December 18, 2018 release notes


We wish you a Happy Holidays!

This has been a great year for us at Pilera as we\’ve brought many new features and enhancements to our clients.  Many features that we\’ve developed this year have been requested by our clients and we want to thank them all for their continued support and feedback!  We\’ve made many enhancements to our work order product this year to enhance the user experience, give managers greater control over visibility and editability permissions, and overall, reduce the time it takes to manage a work order so managers can focus on more strategic projects for their community.  We\’ve also introduced the new document library, which is a more seamless experience over the legacy version with better folder structure, permissions, email notification by roles, and enhanced security of files.  Last month, we\’ve also introduced two new features: the community directory and new mobile-friendly templates for our community and company websites.

In this month’s release, we’re happy to announce a new enhancement to our help desk functionality – the activity log templates.

Activity Log Templates

Pilera continues to improve its help desk and resident support functionality with the Activity Log Quick Comment Templates.  In the August 28, 2018 release, we introduced a new functionality called Templates for work order tickets.  In this release, we’ve built further upon our templates and developed one for the help desk functionality.  The Activity Log Templates is a set of predetermined responses that managers can create for their staff to quickly select as a comment/response to activity logs.  This saves managers time and eliminates the manual input of redundant information as they manage tasks across multiple communities.

Activity Log Quick Add Comments

The new activity log templates:

  • Can be added to multiple communities at once.  This can be done when creating a new template or updating an existing one.
  • Can be created by managers who are assigned the Template Admin role.  They can add a subject, content, and description to the template. They can also specify whether other community admins/managers are allowed to modify the quick comment in the template or not.

Misc. enhancements

  • Managers can now filter rule violations by staff assignment and pull reports based on the selected criteria.
  • We now indicate in the portal whether you have client-level or community-level communication credits.
  • We’ve added a new Client Configuration Change Request Form, where our clients can request a change to their community’s settings (i.e. such as adding or removing certain functionality from their community).  This form can be located in Pilera Resources page of the Resources tab in the manager portal.
  • We continue to add new help articles to the portal to assist managers and residents in using various Pilera functionality.  In the November 27th release, we introduced a new feature to the resident portal, the Community Directory. This month, we’ve added a new help article for the community directory in the resident portal.

About Pilera

Pilera Software is a premier community and property management suite that has helped thousands of community managers, board members, and back-office personnel enhance communications, improve customer service, streamline maintenance, and increase resident satisfaction.  May we help your community achieve these success storiesSchedule a demo today to see our software live in action or request a quote!

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