November 12, 2019 Release Notes: Architectural Change Requests & Built-in Calendar

Greetings everyone,

We\’re back this month with a load of updates, including two new features!  Architecture Change Request is a new functionality in this release, which has been highly requested by our clients and will be join our HOA+ product.  We\’ve also developed a new calendar system within Pilera, so you don\’t have to embed calendars from other service providers.  Without further ado, let\’s dive into these new updates!

New Features

Architecture Change Requests

This new feature, built for HOA+, enables managers to process architecture change requests more efficiently and increase resident happiness. Here’s what our new architecture change request module can do:

  • Residents can submit architecture change requests in the resident portal, receive notifications of the status, and comment on a request if managers enable it.
  • Managers can assign tickets to themselves, other managers, and board members (the latter feature is releasing in December 2019).
  • Set due dates for each request.
  • Update the status of an ACR: approve, in progress, on hold, reject, and more.
  • Filter on various criteria through a powerful dashboard.
  • Generate an Excel summary report to show during board meetings.

Learn more about how new Architecture Change Requests can benefit your communities today.

Built-in Events Calendar

We’ve developed a new Built-In Events Calendar feature in the resident portal.  The events calendar is more intuitive and allows managers to handle event creation all in one place.  Managers can also send email notifications to the community on-demand and view the status in the Message Center.  As a note, the legacy calendar functionality will be depreciated on 1/1/2021 so please prepare to transition any upcoming events to the new calendar.

Learn more how our new built-in events calendar can create efficiencies in your event creation and notification processes.


  1. TOPS Alternate Addresses – The alternate addresses from TOPS will now display in Pilera.
  2. In the insurance record, we’ve added the “Expiration Date” field so that managers no longer have to edit the ticket to view the expiration date.
  3. Work order settings emails were receiving all ticket emails, therefore, we’ve renamed the Work Order Ticket Settings page to “Ticket Settings” to improve clarity.\"\"
  4. In the Pilera Resources form, we’ve changed the name of one form to “Remove a Community” for improved clarity.
  5. We’ve improved the styling of the transition page from Pilera’s portal to the payment site to provide residents with a better experience.

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