Boost Team Efficiency & Resident Satisfaction with a Client Service Ticketing Solution

Teamwork and efficiency

As a community manager, keeping up with the daily operations of the community requires you to wear many hats.  You have to enforce community rules, resolve work order issues, and work on any requests that residents and board members send your way. You’re regularly interacting with residents, vendors, board members, and other staff members. When dealing with all your responsibilities, important tasks may get lost in the shuffle.

Community managers facing these challenges can benefit from a Client Service Ticketing platform that can help their team improve efficiency and increase resident satisfaction.  In this article, you’ll learn about what a client service ticketing solution is and how you can leverage it to keep your team organized. 

What is a Client Service Ticketing solution?

A Client Service Ticketing solution helps you track resident-submitted requests and internal tasks for the communities you manage.  It can automate routine tasks such as opening, prioritizing, and closing resident or community issues.  

With a Client Service Ticketing solution, you can track a variety of issues in one place:

  • Maintenance – Unit and Common Area work orders
  • Architectural Change Requests
  • Resident support
  • Unit activity logs
  • Rule violations
  • Board and Management Tasks

As we’ve listed out here, a Client Service Ticketing solution enables you to track a wide range of issues.  Continue reading on to learn about the top three ways a Client Service Ticketing solution can benefit your company.

Benefits of a Client Service Ticketing solution

1) Better team organization

In a study, 4 in 10 employees say that there is a lack of collaboration in their company.  A Client Service Ticketing solution enables teams to improve team collaboration by planning out their day, assigning responsibilities, and communicating internally with other team members.  

Here’s how Pilera can help you improve team organization:

  • Set expectations by being able to view a live snapshot of all assigned tasks across the communities you manage in an easily filterable dashboard.
  • Assign tickets to managers, board members, and vendors so that everyone knows what they are responsible for.  Focus on what is most important by filtering the dashboard by assignee, priority, and due dates.  
  • Communicate internally with your team through automated email notifications on ticket assignments, comments, or status changes.  That way, the right employees, board members, and vendors are notified.  

2) Increase resident satisfaction

Residents often complain about a lack of communication or delay in receiving responses to their requests.  A Client Service Ticketing system provides self-service features for residents while making it easy for managers to organize all of their requests in one place.  This allows you to keep an open line of communication with your residents and provide faster responses to their requests.  

Pilera’s ticketing system can help you achieve better resident satisfaction rates by:

  • Encouraging residents to submit requests online, attach photos or documents, view updates to their requests, or reply back to managers.
  • Providing residents with a fully searchable knowledge base where they can find answers directly in the community portal without having to call the management office. 
  • Tracking every interaction with your residents with a real-time audit trail so you always know what occurred and what the resolution was. 

3) Grow your business without increasing costs

According to studies, 1 in 3 business leaders agrees that automating technology can save 10-50% of labor costs.  A Client Service Ticketing system empowers you to grow your business without having to add more managers.  In our recent Client Satisfaction Survey, management companies reclaimed between $5K and $35K in efficiency per staff member per year, depending on the size of their company.  

Here’s how Pilera can help you propel business growth:

  • Retain happier association clients by showing them the value you provide through business analytics reports on open and closed tickets.
  • Easily justify price changes with reports that show you how much work each community generates over time.   


Keeping track of all resident requests and community tasks can be a challenge, but Client Service Ticketing platforms can make it easier for your team.  A Client Service Ticketing platform empowers your team to improve organization, deliver a better resident experience, and grow your business.  If you’re intrigued to learn how Pilera’s Client Service Ticketing system can work for you, book a personalized demo or speak with an expert today.

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