Improve Client Retention with Pilera\’s New Ticket Analytics Report

Are you wanting to strengthen your competitive position in the property management market or improve staffing decisions internally?  Well, now in Pilera, management executives will be able to do all this and more with our new Ticket Analytics Reports! Insights from these reports can facilitate decisions on daily operations, customer retention, and new customer acquisition efforts.  The Ticket Analytics Report combines created, closed, and open metrics for all ticket types into one report.

Where you can find the new report:

Navigate to the Work Orders or Activity Logs page in the app and click on “Analytics Report”.  You can further slice and dice this report by selecting a specific community or all communities, date range, and time range up to the minute.  

How the new report can help maximize efficiency in your operations:

1) Gain business insights on a community or portfolio level

The Ticket Analytics Report helps gain valuable business insights on a per community basis or across the entire portfolio of communities. Company Admins (referred to as executives in our post) can generate reports cross-community, and Community Managers (referred to as managers) can generate reports in the communities they are responsible for operating. When the company executive selects “All Communities”, they will be able to see a breakdown of every community and all the created, closed, and open tickets for:

  • Work Orders
  • Activity Logs
  • Tasks
  • Architecture Change Requests
  • Rule Violations
  • Insurance

2) Determine the profitability of a client

For each community, executives will be able to see the number of created, closed, and open tickets.  These metrics are an important indicator of the amount of work your company is performing for the community.  If a community is generating too much work and the costs outweigh the profits, the company may decide not to work with that community.  Company executives can then determine how much to charge back to the community for services rendered or how much to increase the going rate for annual fees based on manager output.  


3) Successfully compete in the property management marketplace

An important goal of management companies is to increase their competitive position in the property management market.  Management companies compete through service offerings and pricing. Business insights from reports are a powerful way for the management company to bring added value to prospects. Their ability to provide these business insights can serve as an important selling factor for the community.  Company executives can also adjust their bid price for the new community by using the work they handle for current clients as a base.

4) Improve staffing decisions

An optimal level of staffing is critical to running daily operations and providing clients with the customer support they expect to receive.  In the Ticket Analytics Report, company executives can view a list of all employees and the tickets they’ve created, closed, or are still open and assigned to them broken down by the type of ticket. These metrics will assist executives in making better-informed decisions to fulfill their staffing needs.  Created tickets versus closed versus open in a time frame will inform executives if their staff is getting overloaded and where to direct their resources for better productivity. This information will also support their decisions to hire more property managers or if building a team of in-house maintenance staff makes more sense.


5) Increase client satisfaction by providing business advice to clients

The Ticket Analytics Report is a great tool to use during management’s weekly meetings with HOA clients.  Key metrics in the report can help in providing board members with essential business advice to make the best decision for their community.  During these weekly meetings, managers can present all the work that has been completed by type of request, from work orders to tasks. Closed tickets versus created tickets can also provide a good indication of whether specific requests are taking too long to complete.  In this case, managers can dig deeper into their data in Pilera. Such advice to the board may be to solicit vendor bids that can reduce response time or enhance the architecture change approvals process to meet resident requests faster. The more informed business advice you provide to your clients, the longer they’ll want to stay with you.  It’s a win-win for all!

Whether your main goals are to improve operational efficiency or increase growth, the new Ticket Analytics Report in Pilera can provide valuable information to make important decisions.  Executives can utilize this report to make decisions that are important for scaling their company’s growth. Property managers can leverage key metrics in the report to provide their HOA clients/board members with critical business advice and increase client satisfaction.  To learn more about the new Ticket Analytics Report and how it can benefit your company and the communities you manage today, contact [email protected].

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