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Empower your communities with Pilera’s intuitive CRM software, helping you put the focus back on community relationships.

Pilera Software UI Design
Pilera Software UI Design

It’s like having a manager in every home

Maintain a personal touch with automated phone, text, email, and postal mailing. Be the first to offer fast and accurate support when your residents need it.
Pilera Software UI Desktop and Mobile Dashboard Design

Create self-reliant and happier communities

Modern and easy-to-use self-service tools reduce administrative burdens, paving the way for happier and well-run communities.
Pilera Software UI Dashboard Design

Work better together

Collaboration tools, automated updates, and audit trails enable managers, boards, vendors, and residents to stay in the loop.

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“The biggest thing I can say about Pilera is I have zero website development experience. Never have I edited a website before working here [Solomons Landing Condominium], and this [Pilera] made it so simple. Your website platform is awesome!”

Norm Patton
Property Manager – Solomons Landing Condominium

I find Pilera very easy to navigate, update, and maintain. I look forward to our community’s increased reliance on Pilera is the central location of personal data, documentation, and workflow information.”

Erica Mellimann
Board Member

Community members using Pilera have found the notices and condo docs, minutes, by-laws, etc. very informative. Folks who use the site appreciate being able to read the minutes. The managers have not yet opened the site for advertising or community events, which is unfortunate, but perhaps in time, Pilera’s full potential will be made available to our community.”

Bonnie Bourdon
Board Member – Woodhaven Condo Association

“Pilera was amazing in the Emergency situation at Monarch Bay. The Sheriff’s department issued a lockdown and we were able to communicate to the entire community what was happening. It was ESSENTIAL over the last few days while trying to keep everyone informed.

Kimberly Cain
Operations Team Manager, Monarch Bay

“With the emails feeding from VMS, we are able to send late notices, water shut offs, asphalt paving, traffic flow notices, monthly assessment reminders, and general information with a check of a box. This is a faster more efficient use of our time than emailing, and we can track who has received and read the notice. Homeowners are viewing their ledgers for payments, late fees, and fines and using the “make a payment” button to bring their accounts current.”

“The continued updates and additions to the system over the years have been a pleasure to be a part of.”

We definitely use this [Pilera] as a selling tool.  We feel potential clients are impressed with the system and transparency.”

Theresa Beers
Vice President of Community Associations – T-Square Properties

After a year of working with Pilera, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to leave our previous platform. Pilera is extremely user friendly and with the proper training and education you will see the increase of productivity both internally and with clients. The Pilera support team been exceptional since day one. We love that Pilera is constantly working to improve the software and on numerous occasions have built in modules to increase workflow based on suggestions from their clients.

Sarah White
Property Manager

“Pilera has been beneficial for us internally and externally. Additionally, the accountability that Pilera offers is extremely useful when it comes to giving Boards information regarding what we have done vs what a Resident might say. Lastly, the user-friendly capability that the entire system ensues…We made this change for our Company after deciding which route to take because this is the best option to better serve our clients and staff in a positive way.”

Lindsay Diaferia Picture
Lindsay Diafeira
Director of Client Care & Licensed Property Manager – Hillcrest Property Management

"Electronic elections improved the legal compliance of the process and reduced our costs."

“After updating our HOA bylaws we conduct Board of Trustees elections with an electronic option via Pilera. Already had 2 annual elections, and in the most recent about 80% of homeowners voted electronically via Pilera with the rest voting by paper. Electronic elections improved the legal compliance of the process and reduced our costs.”

Michael P.
Princeton Greens

“Efficiency and Effectiveness”

“I have used Pilera for over 10 years. It has been one of the most reliable elements in my company. The managers and clients are very happy with it. As stated in the title, this product has helped our company become more efficient and more effective in our everyday tasks.”

Bob Keegan Picture
Bob Keegan
President, Dirigo Management Company

“Practical and user-friendly software!”

“Management is lovely, professional, and responsive. Very pleasant working relationship and I genuinely like these people. Pilera is extremely user-friendly both for the management company and for the clients. We particularly like how aesthetically pleasing the interface and communications appear, and how it can be used to reverse 911 for any urgent notices needed.”

ECD Headshot 2020
Elizabeth Caswell Dyer
CEO, Sopra Communities

“Dependable, Scalable, Consolidates, basis for our recent success!”

“Our office now runs all our resident interface and communications through Pilera. The resident portals have been a big hit with our residents. I can’t tell you how happy our Boards are with our reporting capabilities. What we really appreciate from a business perspective is the level of support and the constant improvement culture Pilera exhibits. They don’t rest on their laurels. They continue to improve on their offerings.”

Carlos Molina Profile
Carlos Molina
CTO, Professional Association Services, Inc.

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Pilera Case Study
How a 225-unit condo association modernized their communication policy.
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Residential community clients may oftentimes be unhappy with community ongoings or the level of customer service they received, and will take that dissatisfaction to an online platform.  With the rise of digital platforms from social media to review sites where people receive up to the minute information and interact, the impact of a negative review is amplified. Thus, developing a plan to proactively mitigate negative comments shows proactiveness, openness to consider feedback, and make positive change.  This surely goes a long way in ensuring happy clients and establishing relationships with new community prospects.  In this blog post, we’ll navigate through five important tips to effectively improve online reputation.

1) Know what your clients are saying about your company

Constantly monitoring what your clients (residents and board members) are saying online about you is the foremost important step to improving your management company’s online reputation.  First, assign someone in the management company to lead this new effort. They’ll need to take stock of the platforms your clients use for sharing complaints. These platforms may include review sites such as Yelp, search engine reviews such as Google, or social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  Here’s how your company can stay on top of online monitoring efforts:

  • Setup Google Alerts – Enter the name of your company and/or relevant keywords.  Google will then send daily emails of articles/mentions you specified straight to your inbox.  Check Google’s help article to learn more about how to set these alerts.
  • Check mentions on social media regularly.  These include direct replies to your posts and indirect mentions of your company.
  • According to Forbes, 91% of individuals use a search engine to learn more about a company before they buy from them.  Thus, it\’s important to research search engines to see what is being said about your company.  Simply type your company name and navigate to the News tab to see what is being said about your company.
  • Don’t rule out personal communication.  When residents walk into the office or they send an email, ask them if they are happy with the services they’re receiving?  This is a great way to better understand how residents feel about your services and if they are likely to share their complaints on social media.

2) Remain a calm stance in your response (and don\’t engage in online arguments)

Words used in reviews are oftentimes rude and one’s natural tendency might be to defend their stance. However if not handled appropriately, the online encounter can quickly escalate into an argument, resulting in the risk of legal tussles and worsened reputation. It’s absolutely essential that the employee responding remains calm while being clear and assertive in their response. Here are a few tips to respond to negative comments:

  • Respond to the issue quickly, preferably within a few days.
  • Be sympathetic in your response to the residents and show you understand their concern.
  • Let them know you are looking into the issue. Continue the discussion offline via phone or email.
  • Once the issue has been resolved, respond within the same review with a short description of the resolution and thank them for their patience.

3) Don\’t simply use \”copy-paste\” responses

It’s important to make your responses to comments thoughtful and personalized so that residents will appreciate that you took the time and valued their opinion. If you notice a pattern in your response that includes repeated text, build a template with that content in it so you can reuse it. Make sure to leave enough room to address the problem stated in the review.

4) Generate more positive reviews on the platforms that matter

A library of testimonials on different platforms helps spread word of mouth the quality of services you deliver and can become a great form of social proof for your business. The question is, how do you generate positive reviews for the hard work your client services team puts in?

  • Conduct a survey regularly requesting resident feedback and if they are willing to post their feedback on a review platform. Or, provide a link to this survey in every customer support email.
  • If you can fit in reputation management software in your budget, it can help you to monitor reviews on multiple platforms and separate the negative reviews from positive ones before they go live on public platforms.

5) Continue your efforts in creating a stellar customer service (take feedback in your stride)

The best way to invest in the welfare of your company’s reputation, in the long run, is to continue delivering excellent customer service to your residents.  This effort improves resident satisfaction (and with it, generate more positive reviews), boosts client retention efforts (communities will stay with you longer), and better operations (less chaos in the office dealing with issues).  With these long-term benefits in mind, how can you support ongoing customer service?

  • Engage in transparent communications with your residents and keep them informed.  Miscommunication or lack of it can result in resident dissatisfaction. Know the best ways to reach them – through emails, phone calls, text message, newsletters, direct mailers/letters, and/or website updates.
  • Provide an easy way for residents to connect with you and retrieve information.  Community management software such as Pilera’s allows residents to log into a website or web portal to see their financial balance, update information, submit work orders, and retrieve all latest community information.
  • Take any feedback you receive from clients, whether positive or negative, in your stride and consider it for future improvements.

An investment in reputation management is an investment in your community management company\’s success in retaining satisfied communities and establishing new relationships.  Identifying online platforms where your customers interact is important in understanding what they say about your company and level of services you provide.  Then, you can develop a strategy to effectively handle any complaints, respond with transparency, and incorporate feedback into customer service and operational improvements.


HOA Budget

As a community manager or board member, you’re just beginning to create a budget to plan expenses for the community next year.  However, creating a budget that saves money for your community can be a challenging job.  You have to take into account how to forecast expenses for utilities, insurance, vendors, reserves, maintenance, legal fees, and more.  With many expenses to consider, how do you effectively save money on your HOA budget?  

There are many ways to save on a community\’s budget – energy efficiency, vendors, reserves planning, etc. However, a surprising and often understated way is to include HOA Software into your budget as a way to save money.  Although HOA Software requires an investment in time and money, it can reduce the cost of many daily administrative tasks and unforeseen expenses.  Studies show that automating business processes can reduce labor costs by up to 50%. In this article, we’ll explore the five different areas where HOA software can help you save on your community\’s budget. 

Resident Communications

Communicating with residents on a frequent basis is key to running a successful community. However, you need to send a wide variety of messages to residents. You frequently send messages about maintenance, events, payments, support requests, and emergencies. Mailing these letters in-house means that you are paying for paper, ink, envelopes, stamps, and employee labor. Depending on how many units are in the community and how frequently you communicate with residents, these mailing costs can chew up a significant amount of the budget. That\’s where automated email comes in.

Automated email saves your community money

Email is a great way to save on your community\’s budget. Let\’s say that you manage a community of 100 units. You send notices to each unit three times a month. The community does all the mailing in-house. A staff member spends 2 hours to put the mailing together and they are paid $20/hour. Let\’s break down the costs:


If you send 3 mailings to each unit per month (36 per year), the annual cost is $3,996. ($1.11/unit x 100 units x 36 notices = $3,996).

An HOA software with emailing features does the automating for you, so your community can save thousands of dollars each year. For example, Pilera\’s email communication tool costs $0.05/unit/month. With Pilera, you\’ll spend only $80.40 per year sending emails to a community with 100 units ($0.067 x 100 x 12). That means each community can save more than $3,800 on the budget. With Pilera\’s fast and reliable communication platform, you can send any type of email notification for less than the cost of a stamp. Every email saves you money.

Online documents and electronic forms save even more

You also need to share important documents like CC&R\’s and resident satisfaction surveys with your residents. Imagine printing lengthy CC&R documents every time a new resident joins the community. Mailing contact forms or resident satisfaction surveys are costly not only to the community but to your residents as well. An HOA software provides incredible cost savings for your community by storing an unlimited number of documents and organizing them so your residents can find what they need. You can also email the resident whenever you post a new document to keep them informed. When you send residents an electronic form to fill out, they will appreciate the ability to submit their responses online and not have to spend money on postage to mail the survey back.


Maintenance is an integral part of any community\’s operations; however, communities often encounter unexpected costs. A community may end up spending thousands of dollars if equipment breaks unexpectedly. To keep residents safe and the equipment functioning, it\’s essential that the community conducts preventative maintenance on a regular basis. Preventative maintenance helps to identify issues with the unit or common area equipment before it becomes an emergency.

An HOA software provides you with the ability to create and assign work orders so you can quickly identify and fix issues. The software should also allow you to set and track work orders by priority and due dates. By tracking maintenance items on a regular basis, you\’ll know how much to budget for repairs or replacements. In that way, the community lessens the risk of depleting its reserves fund. Your residents also won\’t be surprised or disappointed with an expensive special assessment fee.

You also need a system that can easily adapt to emergency maintenance situations. Through Pilera\’s work order system, you can post an alert directly in the ticket to instruct residents on what to do when there is an emergency. For example, you can direct residents to call the maintenance hotline instead of submitting a work order if their basement is flooding.

Administrative Tasks

Have you ever taken a long phone call from a resident trying to find their payment balance? You didn\’t expect the call to take hours long and so you ended up delaying an important project you were working on. This is a hidden cost that many managers face on a daily basis.

Promoting self-service within your communities is a great way for your residents to access essential community information on their own time. Residents can view documents, events, and past communications so they are informed. They can look up their financial balance and make a payment online. When residents are more informed and engaged, the community runs a lot smoother. You are more productive as a result. Instead of dealing with daily questions on payment balances, you can work toward improving the community experience for residents.

HOA software can also help free up the time it would otherwise take to manually perform tasks. These include sending messages, responding to customer support tickets, streamlining maintenance, and more.

HOA Fees

Collecting and processing HOA dues is another challenge that many communities face. Communities often have to set aside a budget to account for homeowner delinquency. How HOA Software helps is that it brings more predictability into the community\’s budget. A resident portal provides residents with an easy way to make their payments online. This is a faster, more convenient way for the community to collect dues. No more delayed or lost mail.

Another hidden cost of managing communities is processing checks that residents mail in for their dues. With the ease and convenience of online payments, managers or the board treasurer can save a trip to the bank, cutting down administrative costs.

With Pilera\’s integration with and Paylease, residents can pay their HOA dues online, hassle-free.

Vendor Services

Hiring the right vendor is critical to keeping residents safe and improving property values. To save the association money, board members might be tempted to hire a vendor who presents a lower bid. However, if the vendor is not insured and an employee or resident is injured on the property, the HOA can face legal issues. Additionally, if an employee of the contractor files for workers\’ compensation, it could come at the cost of the residents. It is worth more to the association in the long run to hire a vendor who is insured.

Your HOA software should allow you to track vendor contact information, license expiration dates, and your rating of their service. Keeping track of vendor license expirations ensures that you are not sending a vendor who is uninsured to perform work on a property. In Pilera, managers and board members can track each vendor\’s license expirations and receive automated notifications so they are informed.

Software – A unique way to save on your HOA budget

When identifying ways to save on your community\’s budget, many consider technology to be an added cost. However, there are surprising ways in which the right technology can actually help your community save money as you budget for the next year. When considering new HOA software, ask the following questions:

  • Communications – Can you automate sending emails to the community? How much more will automated communication save the community compared to manually mailing out notices? As a bonus, think about how you can save money for the residents too.
  • Maintenance – Can you create and assign work orders, set priority and due dates, and track progress so nothing falls through the cracks?
  • Administrative Tasks – How can the software save time, rather than spending more time? Can residents easily access important information on their own, so managers can save time?
  • HOA Dues Payments – Does the software automate online payments so delinquency is reduced and managers don\’t have to manually process checks?
  • Vendor Services – Does the vendor management solution allow you to keep track of key information like license expiration notifications?

With the right technology, communities can save money on next year\’s budget by reducing mailing expenses, emergency maintenance costs, and hidden administrative costs. Pilera\’s HOA software solution has helped thousands of communities save money by automating many community tasks, increasing efficiency, and keeping residents informed. If you\’d like to learn how Pilera can work for you, contact us at [email protected].

Turning prospective HOA and condo associations into clients can be overwhelming and pose a challenge for management companies.  With the property management market becoming more consolidated and saturated with many players, small and mid-sized management companies are finding it difficult to compete.  Many management companies who have lost out on associations learned that upon asking their communities about their decision-making process, the associations loved what they did, but another company had resident-facing software that they needed.  A resident-facing software can prove to a powerful selling factor and give companies an edge over the competition.  Pilera Software is one such management platform that empowers HOA and condo companies to gain more prospective clients by providing them with management and resident tools to more efficiently operate the community. 

Self-service resident portal

In the age of digital information, residents expect to receive up-to-the-minute news and perform various tasks quickly.  Residents will appreciate having a self-service resident portal that allows them to manage updates and occupants in their unit, pay their dues on time, submit service requests, get instant answers from a knowledge base.  This central portal also helps them to stay connected to the community through upcoming events, communication, and the resident directory.

Customer service

Customer support operations are at the heart of any community operation.  Quality customer service results in happy residents and board members that will want to retain your services in the long-run.  Pilera’s help desk product helps managers to stay on top of customer support through ticket creation, assignment, and follow-up dates to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  The ability to collaborate on a ticket ensures that correct information and direction are being given whereas comprehensive audit tracking keeps everyone knowledgeable on a support ticket.

Property and common area maintenance

One of the most important functions of a community manager is to maintain or increase property values through the specific units (association-responsible) and common area maintenance.  The tracking of work orders from creation to completion allows managers to stay organized and accountable for their work while keeping their co-workers and residents in the loop.  Email notifications to residents reduce calls to the office and allow managers to work on more important projects for the community they’re managing. 

Do you have the tools right for you?

Many of our clients have shared their experience using Pilera’s suite of community management tools and say that the tools have made it easier for them to have a conversation with prospective associations and eventually land their business.  Having the right set of tools that is available 24×7, customizable, and reliable is vital for enhancing your customer support operations and meeting resident expectations. To learn more about how Pilera can benefit your communities today, connect with us at [email protected] or read more about our client’s success stories.


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