Top 50 Questions for Your CAM Knowledge Base

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Creating a powerful, search engine-like knowledge base answers relevant questions for your community residents requires investment in time and resources.  Therefore, we present a guide that will give your community association management company a head-start in creating a knowledge base to keep your residents informed of policies and procedures.  By keeping residents informed and engaged, you then cultivate a community that is happy, safe, knowledgeable, and responsible.   

As we highlighted in our Knowledge Base Tips article,  you must step into the minds of community residents and the questions they want answered.  Create simple help articles that are concise, but provide enough detail to eliminate ambiguity and confusion.  Keep the knowledge base fresh and updated on a regular basis as internal and external circumstances change.

About the Association

  • Who are the contacts and managers for the association?
  • How many new members join the association per year? Total number of members?
  • What are the geographic areas covered by the association (town/city)?
  • Where is the association office or headquarters location?  Contact information?
  • Are the association’s financials available for public view?  What is the fiscal year for the association?

HOA Board

  • How often are board meetings held?
  • What are the board meeting policies?  
  • What are the voting guidelines?
  • Who are the current board members?
  • What are the qualifications/guidelines to become a board member?

Annual Fees

  • How much does the annual fee cost and why do I have to pay it?
  • How can I make a payment?
  • Are there any special assessments?  If so, how much and what does it cover?
  • What happens if I do not pay on time?
  • Are there any restrictions placed on delinquent accounts?

Resident Property/Maintenance

  • Am I allowed to build on my property?  If so, what materials can/can\’t be used?
  • What types of equipment are not permitted on my property?
  • How do I fill out an architectural change request form?  Who evaluates the form and how long does it take for a decision to be taken?
  • How to obtain permits for special building/maintenance requests?
  • Can I plant flowers or a vegetable garden?
  • How often is common area maintenance performed (if condominium)?  
  • How does the HOA prepare for emergencies and storm preparations?
  • What are the procedures for garbage collection and when does it get collected?
  • Who does the association contract with for security, snow plowing, constructing, plumbing, and interior works?  How do I get in touch with them?


  • In the event that I lose my parking permit or access code/card access to the community gate, how do I obtain another one?  If applicable, what is the cost of obtaining a new one?
  • In the event of a lock-out, who do I contact?
  • What are the association’s guest policies?  
  • Does the guest require a card or access code to enter the community or a parking permit?
  • Are pets permitted?  What are the community’s guidelines regarding pets?
  • Can I hold a yard sale event? If so, what guidelines need to be adhered to?
  • What are the leasing/move-in and out procedures?  What forms need to be filled out?  

Use of Common Area Amenities

  • What are the pool and gym hours?
  • In order to use the sports ground/sports amenities, are there any rules that need to be followed?
  • What are the guidelines for using all common area amenities such as laundry and main office kitchen amenities?
  • Can I book the clubhouse for an event?

Rule Violations

  • If the violation is related to a home maintenance issue, how long do I have to fix it before receiving another message?
  • If I receive a rule violation letter, what is the required response?


  • Prior to putting my home on the market, what information do I or my real estate agent need to supply the HOA?

Did you know that Pilera’s residential community management suite includes a knowledge base? Add all important questions and answers accessible by residents or managers based on permission settings and include keywords and tags for ease in search.  Make your community’s knowledge base a powerful search engine.     


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