What is a Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base can also be known as a Support Center or a FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page. Managers answer common questions they receive and add it to the knowledge base. Anytime someone has a question they can first review the Knowledge base without ever having to call your office.



24/7 Support

Questions don\’t just happen from 9-5.


Powerful Search

Search by keywords or topics giving the most relevant topics first



Give them the power to answer their own questions


FAQ for your community!

Create a custom knowledge base for your community.

  • Update the KB as new questions are asked
  • Give both residents and managers the ability to answer their own questions
  • Modern tool that keeps you ahead of the rest of the industry


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Our most powerful search function yet!

With our new keyword and tag based search algorithms you are guaranteed to find the most relevant topics for your search!

  • Create tags relevant to your articles for easy navigation
  • Search for any word and our search engine will prioritize the articles by relevance


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Set permissions for every topic

Topics can be made visible to managers, owners, tenants, or anyone!

  • Hide articles relevant only to managers from the rest of your community
  • If it is general knowledge to the whole community set permissions to anonymous


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Mass posting

Create a single topic and add it to all your communities. You can then individually customize them for each community!

  • Add one post to all your communities with a single click
  • Each post is individually customizable for each community once posted


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Fun Facts

You may not be able to please everyone all of the time. But making 50% of your residents happier with this simple change is nothing to scoff at!

Of consumers prefer some form of online Knowledge Base.


Of companies see a decline in calls when they added a knowledge base.

Destination CRM

Of consumers stick with a product because they can easily find the answers they need.

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