November 6, 2018 Release Notes – Communication and Work Order Enhancements

November 6 2018


This month\’s enhancements to our community and property management solution focus on communications where we\’ve added a new option for residents to receive messages and work order response templates to give on-creation insight into which communities your templates have been applied to.  Without further ado, let\’s explore these new updates!


  • Communications
    • Residents can now choose to be notified via physical mailing by selecting it as their communication preference.  Important note: Selecting this preference does not send out the physical mail through Pilera, but indicates to managers that the resident wants to receive their communications through snail mail/physical mail.
    • The Resident Report now indicates which residents have chosen physical mailing as their communication preference.
    • The “Reschedule Message” function in the Message Center now loads a calendar for managers to select the date and time.
    • For better clarity, we\’ve changed one of the email delivery statuses from \”open\” to \”opened\”.
  • Work Orders/Templates
    • After our introduction of Templates on August 28, 2018 release, we’ve improved the user interface to better inform managers on how many communities are linked to a template.  Similarly, if there are no communities linked to a template, we indicate that in two areas:

      • (1) An indicator next to the \”Communities\” tab.
      • (2) The green \”Save Without Linking Communities\” submission button.
    • We’ve added a “Manage” link next to “Quick Add Comment” for Work Order comments so that managers can be directed to the template administration page in a new browser window.
    • Tickets now support the entry of emoji’s when creating and updating a ticket.
  • Miscellaneous Update
    • We have added indicators (red astrice mark) to the following fields required when adding a lease to a unit: lease number, and start and end date so that managers know what fields need to be entered for successful submission.

About Pilera

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