New in Pilera: Advanced Pet Tracking for Your Community


As more communities and associations welcome their residents’ or owners pet(s) into the fold, a tracking mechanism becomes increasingly important.  Whether your management team needs to send a friendly reminder to residents of expiring insurances, enforce pet policies and address resident concerns, help a resident find a lost pet, or is planning a day out for community members and their pets, keeping all pet information organized in one place is of the essence.  Thus, one of the first features that we’ve released this year is better pet tracking capability for your community.  Here’s how you can manage information about your community’s furry (and non-furry) fellows in Pilera.

  1. Add essential Pet information

    Within Pilera, managers can add many types of important information including:

      • Pet Name
      • Pet Owner
      • Type of Pet – any pet from an amphibian to dogs.
      • Color
      • Tag Number
      • Breed
      • License – The license number and expiration date.
      • Insurance – The insurance policy number and expiration date.
      • Add any other notes that you need to so that management and employees are in-the-know.
  2. Resident input

    Residents have the ability to add and edit information about their pet in the resident portal when required.  Additionally, they can add new pets to their account.

  3. Advanced Pet searching and reporting

    Need to find specific pet information or a report of all the pets in your community?  With Pilera’s advanced search capabilities you can search pets by name, color, breed, pet identification number, pet owner, and pet type.  Conduct a search for all the dogs, cats, or amphibians in the neighborhood.  Additionally, you can generate a report of all pets in Microsoft Excel format and send the report to as many emails as you need.

Our advanced pet information and search capabilities coupled with our robust communications platform and rule violations can help management to better position themselves in handling resident concerns, communicating pet policies, and ensuring compliance.  For more information on our pet tracking module, contact us at [email protected] or to add pet tracking to your communities, contact [email protected].    

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