October 13, 2020 Release – New Accounting Integration with Asyst & Work Order Alerts

Greetings! This month we\’re back with updates on our new accounting integration with Asyst as well as a new work order enhancement that will improve internal productivity and communication with your residents! Without further ado, let\’s talk about these new updates!

New Feature

Asyst Integration

Pilera is excited to announce our new integration with Asyst’s accounting platform.  Asyst is a property management software serving HOA’s and condo’s with a specialization in accounting, property management, and collection services.  Take a look at how Pilera enhances the integration experience with Asyst:

  • Owner, tenant, and other user types; contact information; and address will be synced from Asyst to Pilera.  As a result, managers can track important resident information and send phone, email, and text messages in one click.
  • Managers can track all of their community responsibilities in one place so they can stay organized and improve productivity.  Track, collaborate, and report on work orders, activity/incident logs, architectural change requests, violations, and tasks in one place.
  • Residents can get connected to their community quickly through Pilera\’s premier portal.  They can then access important documents, events, communications, resident directory, and more!  

If you would like to learn more about our integration with Asyst, please contact [email protected].


Customize Work Order Alerts

Managers can now customize alerts in the work order ticket to notify residents of important information or specific rules to follow when they submit a work order. This new feature enables management to reduce inbound phone calls and emails to the office by alerting residents of critical information.   With some HTML code, managers can customize the look and feel of the message. 

To save time and keep messaging consistent across the company, managers can apply this alert to multiple communities at once.  This message will display for both managers and residents when they submit a common area or unit-level work order ticket.  

Take a look at some examples of how you can use the new custom text to convey important information to residents:

  1. Inform residents to call a specific number if there is a maintenance emergency instead of submitting a ticket.  
  2. Inform residents about the process for submitting a work order and set expectations for when they may receive a response.  
  3. Answer a commonly asked question right on the work order submission area. 
  4. HOA communities – Let residents know where they can access the community’s maintenance responsibility matrix/chart.

TIP: Work order alert templates in the ticket can also be used in conjunction with the work order message templates to relay important information to your residents and reduce inbound phone calls/emails.  In the February 2019 release, we’ve added the ability for managers to add important information as a header in the work order email notification to residents. 

About Pilera

Pilera Software is the premier community and property management suite that has helped thousands of community managers and back-office personnel enhance communications, improve customer service, and manage compliance and operations. May we help your community achieve these success storiesContact us to see how Pilera’s community management suite can help your company.

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