New in Pilera: December 2017 Release Notes

December release notes

Greetings everyone,

We wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and New Year in advance!  Our development team has rolled out a new feature this past month along with some enhancements to our existing features.  We are excited to share those with you.  Our goal is to continually enhance our software capabilities to make community management easier for you, everyday. Without further ado, we\’ll dive into the new updates!

New User Roles (New Feature)

These new user roles have been created to provide our customers with greater flexibility.  These defined roles are:

  • Company Administrator
  • Vendor Administrator
  • Community Manager
  • Community Contact

To explore these roles further, take a look at our recent blog post, \”Meet the New User Roles in Pilera!\”

Work Order Enhancement

In the work order module, Unit and Common Area tickets were previously located in two different tabs.  Now, they have been combined for reporting in a single UI.  Additionally, when creating a work order ticket, you can select either the unit or common area ticket type from one UI.  


We\’ve added the ability for the community logo to be shown in emails sent from Pilera.

Enhancements to our integration with TOPS:

  • Our customers with TOPS One accounting systems can now enable resident payment through Paylease.
  • TOPS Flex fields are now enabled for all TOPS Pro users.

Other Fixes:

Minor UI enhancements to improve the visual look, feel, and user experience of Pilera.

Pilera is a best-of-class, easy-to-use, comprehensive online community management solution for apartments, condos, and associations. Pilera provides the easiest, most comprehensive data management capability available to property managers, leasing agents, boards of directors, and back-office personnel. Quickly and easily access whatever you need, whenever you need it, from wherever you need to be with office or mobile phone connectivity. You are never out of touch. Act on the document/information accessed from the office or “on the road” with Pilera-supported mobile capability.  Contact us today!

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