December 17, 2019 Release Notes: Ticket Analytics Report

Greetings everyone!

In this month\’s release, we\’re excited to announce a brand new report that will provide high-level analytics on various management operations.  We\’ve also released several enhancements from Architectural Change Requests to the Event Calendar.  Without further ado, let\’s dive into the updates!

New Features:

Ticket Analytics Report

The new ticket report provides high-level summary information to support community management decision-making on client profitability, how to best bid for new contracts, maintain an optimal level of staffing, and more. Company Admins will be able to report on a variety of metrics across their portfolio, and Community Managers will be able to report on the communities they manage.  These metrics include:

  • # of Opened, In Progress, and Closed tickets by each employee in a community.

  • # of Opened, In Progress, and Closed tickets for each community.


  1.  In the November 2019 release, we introduced new Architecture Change Requests.  We have now added the capability for resident board members in the system to manage the ACR workflow from acknowledgment to approval, create ACR’s on behalf of residents, view their community’s dashboard, and generate reports.
  2. We’ve fixed the notifications for ticket creation within the app.  Upon creating an activity log, work order, violation, task, and architecture change request ticket, the resident that has been notified is now shown in the email distribution list on the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Managers can now download a Resident Guide in the Pilera Resources area. They can customize the document to meet their community needs and send them to residents. This guide shows residents what they can do in Pilera from making online payments to viewing important community information.
  4. In the November 2019 release, we introduced a new Event Calendar functionality, built for Pilera’s Resident Portal. This month, we’ve added a few enhancements to improve user experience.
    • Improved the look and function of the event calendar on mobile devices.
    • We’ve improved the handling of multiple events on the same day. After a specific number of events, the calendar will display a “+3 more” button to view more events. The number of additional events displayed is responsive and changes based on the device screen size.
    • We’ve improved the usability experience for the time-picker when creating or editing the event details.  Now, the time-picker will round the time to 5 minutes.
  5. Managers can filter insurance notification emails in the Message Center.

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