Luxury Condo Amenities

Couple in a pool overlooking the city and large buildings. Living the condo life.

Today, we discuss condo amenities that only the super rich can afford. Some of these may seem out of reach, but hey — we can always dream, right? And scaled-down versions of some of these are well within reach if condo associations get a little creative.

Private Pools

Having a pool for residents is a luxury for most, but in some New York high-rises, developers are putting private pools right inside condos. Imagine taking the last sip of your coffee and diving right into the pool for a morning swim.

Wine Cellars

Some exclusive properties come with resident-only wine cellars and tasting rooms in the basement. Although your association may not be prepared to shell out the big bucks a climate controlled room with an on-staff sommelier, a small room with a couple of tables for resident tastings could be a fun and affordable add-on.

Roof Decks

In urban environments where it’s hard to find a little green space, roof decks are all the rage. Some have lawns, volleyball courts, and tennis courts, while others include a pool, bar, and an outdoor shower. One NYC roof deck even transforms into an ice rink in the winter.

Pet Amenities

Your condo association may be wrestling with the do we/don’t we question when it comes to even allowing pets. Other condos — the ones that definitely do — have a full suite of pet amenities, complete with dog walking, boarding, grooming and training services, and play areas. Some even arrange doggie play dates!

Multimedia Rooms

Some condos offer their residents a virtual reality room where they can play virtual golf, tennis, ping-pong, and other games. These rooms also can be movie rooms for residents who want to see a movie without dealing with a public theater. This common amenity is popular even in condos that wouldn’t necessarily be considered luxury.

Service Suites

Picture it: You’re moving to a new condo. You have to think about transferring utilities, cleaning the carpet, packing up all your stuff. And the staff! What are you going to do with the staff?! Some NYC condo buildings provide studios that residents can purchase for their house staff so that the maid is only a floor away in case there’s an emergency mess that needs to be cleaned up. Now that’s luxury!

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