Introducing new Pilera Votes – Electronic Voting Software!

Pilera Votes - Electronic Voting Software for HOAs and Condos

Tired of delays in decision-making, low voter turnout, or concerns about fairness in your community’s voting process?  The skepticism about the fairness of community voting and the cumbersome paper ballots have left many seeking a better way. We’re excited to introduce Pilera Votes, a more streamlined way to run secure and fair voting or elections in your community association!  Say goodbye to delays and doubts about transparency and transition to a more secure, efficient, and trustworthy voting process.  

In this blog post, you’ll learn how Pilera Votes can streamline your voting process to meet quorum, improve decision-making, and unite your community.

Easy to use and convenient

With Pilera votes, managing elections and voting has never been more accessible.  Our user-friendly platform makes it a smooth and hassle-free experience for HOA administrators and residents. Pilera Votes is mobile-friendly so that residents can participate from anywhere. This helps to increase engagement in your community and improve voter turnout.

Secure and transparent

We understand that a secure and trustworthy voting process is your community\’s top priority when conducting elections.  That’s why our software locks down votes, guaranteeing that only residents in your community can cast their votes.  This enables you to earn the trust of your residents while safeguarding the integrity of your voting process.  

Direct access

The voting form in Pilera is also easy for your residents to access.  Residents can access the election form directly through the resident portal in Pilera or through a secure, shareable link.  This eliminates the need for time-consuming paper ballots or manual processes that may take weeks. 

Fair and equitable voting

Many condo associations need to track unit weights (also called allocation of ownership) to identify how much influence an owner has in the association for voting, distribution of common area maintenance, assessment fees, etc.  In Pilera, you can add unit weights, and it will automatically populate it in the election form. Then, you can download an XLS of the voting results and calculate the votes using the unit weight.  This helps to ensure a fair and equitable voting process. 

Improve decision-making with instant results

Manual processes or paper ballots often cause weeks of delay in decision-making.  With Pilera Votes, you no longer have to experience delays in your community’s decision-making process.  With Pilera Votes, you can watch as the votes are counted instantly, helping you to verify how many votes you need to reach a quorum.  Once the voting concludes, you can access the results in a table for easy browsing or graphs to identify voting trends. 

Integrate voting with your daily community management workflow

Although many standalone voting platform options are available in the market, the benefit of Pilera is that you can easily integrate voting with your daily community management workflow.  Pilera offers 4 products that transform your communities and help you retain occupants, build cooperation, and grow in value:

  • Pilera Connect – Send routine or emergency notifications to your community through phone, email, text, or postal mailing. Using Pilera Connect with Pilera Votes lets you spread the word and get 80%+ voter turnout.
  • Pilera Ops – A collaborative system that acts as a powerful shield on top of your accounting system.  Easily streamline work orders, ACRs, violations, tasks, and RFPs.
  • Pilera Care – A support tool built for the community management industry that makes it easy for your employees and offshore team to resolve resident issues and deliver personalized service.   Pilera Care with Pilera Votes enables you to support residents throughout the voting process. Residents can submit support questions and view FAQs about the voting process.
  • Pilera Engage – A self-service portal for residents to access the latest community information, make payments online, request services, and communicate with other residents.  

How to get started with Pilera Votes:

Getting started with voting software is easy with Pilera Votes. Pilera Votes is an add-on to the Pilera family of products: Pilera Connect, Pilera Ops, Pilera Care, and Pilera Engage. Through our Ballot Builder, you will submit your requirements, such as the ballot question and voting dates.  Our team will then build the perfect voting system for your community and will train your team.  

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About Pilera

Pilera Software is the premier community and property management software that has helped thousands of community managers enhance communications, improve customer service, and manage compliance and operations. Book a personalized demo to learn how Pilera can help improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

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