Case Study: How PAS, Inc. Builds Better Communities with Pilera

For any successful community management company, increasing growth and delivering good customer service is a challenging balancing act. Fremont, California-based management startup, Professional Association Services, Inc. (PAS) focuses on building stronger client relationships to propel even more growth. In this blog article, you\’ll learn how PAS improved its customer service operations and grew with Pilera\’s community management software.

Outdated technology made it difficult to provide transparent reporting to the Board  

Managing more than 100 diverse communities, PAS set out to build better relationships with their clients.  However, an outdated piece of technology they used made it difficult to provide transparent reporting to the Board. They needed a better way to present their work and convey the value they provide to the Board.  

\”Lots of times we have Boards or residents say, well what good are you? What do you do for me? Even though we respond to residents directly, we really work for the Board.\”

Carlos Molina, Chief Technology Officer of PAS, Inc.

How PAS delivered better a client experience with Pilera

PAS exceeded Board and resident expectations with a user-friendly and powerfully integrated community management solution, Pilera.  They implemented many key products from Pilera\’s management solution: Communications, Resident Portal, Help Desk, Board+, and Company Website. The Help Desk and Communication products particularly have proven to be the biggest game-changers for PAS as a business. They\’ve increased their communications by over 200% to their residents, reducing inbound calls to the office and increasing satisfaction. They\’ve also been able to resolve 2,000 resident tickets in Pilera in one year. The automatic archives allow them to keep all documented issues for future reference. Additionally, it empowers them to present transparent and comprehensive reports to the Board. As a result, they\’re able to build a stronger relationship with existing clients, retain their business in the long run, and generate new business opportunities.

\”We prepare comprehensive Board packets, including the client interactions tracked in Pilera, and producing these comprehensive reports to the Boards is one of the things they love.\”

Susan Hoffman, Managing Director and Founder of PAS, Inc.

To learn more about PAS’s journey to increased customer satisfaction and company growth, read the complete Success Story here.


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