December 14, 2021: PDF Letter Generation Updates

An image of mail boxes. Pilera released a new PDF letter generation feature for the community management industry.

Greetings! We are back this month with some quality of life enhancements for our newest PDF Letter Generation feature, as well as other communication and support ticket features!


PDF letter generation update

Last month, we introduced a new feature where managers can generate PDF letters to mail to their community.  In this month’s release, we’ve enhanced the header and footer settings for the PDFs.  You can now upload your header and footer once and share them across all of your communities.  You can set this up by going to the Communication Settings and uploading your header and footer in the “Global Postal Mail Header & Footer Area”.  Each community can then override the company settings if they wish. The global settings are especially useful when a management company uses the same header and footer across all their communities to keep their branding consistent. It saves managers time and reduces errors.  

Manage support tickets directly from the occupant detail page

Managers can now track and manage resident support tickets directly from the occupant detail page.  Filter tickets by the state, view or update the ticket, or create a new ticket all within this page.  This feature is great for assisting residents during a phone call or tracking previous interactions with them.


Generate PDF letters through the Send Message functionality

In the Send Message functionality, you can select occupants even if they have no communication preference.  Then, you can generate PDF letters to mail to these occupants.

Sending a test message

Previously, when sending out a test email to yourself, message monitors and announcement monitors would receive a copy of the email.  Now, only the individual who generates a test email will receive it.

About Pilera

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