6 Ways to Save Your HOA Management Company Money with Technology

Are you spending a lot of time and money to print and mail notices to residents, update your operational procedures binder, or work on multiple systems to complete different tasks?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then inefficient processes or systems might be slowing you down.  Every HOA management company wants to cut down costs so that they can increase their profitability.  Taking your business operations online and consolidating your operations in one platform can help to achieve this.  Managers and staff spend less time performing manual tasks and can refocus their efforts on the goals that matter.  In this blog article, we focus on the 6 ways to save your HOA management company money with dedicated software and how one can further streamline each process with Pilera.

1) Manage in the cloud

Cloud-based software is one aspect of technology where managers experience the most flexibility.  Cloud-based software is hosted on the software vendor’s server whereas an on-premise software is installed on the company’s servers.  A cloud-based platform offers many benefits such as ease of mobility, decreased IT costs and increased security.  Aside from how the software is accessed, the other most discernible difference is in pricing.  With on-premise software, there are costs related to purchasing, installation, storing the server, maintaining, and upgrading the software on a yearly basis.  Cloud-based software pricing is based on a monthly or yearly subscription model.  Pilera’s software is a complete cloud-based software solution that uses Amazon Web Service to host its HOA management software platform.  Managers can take their communication, maintenance, and support tasks all on the go.  Managers aren’t restricted to a single device and do not have the burden of maintaining software or server upgrades.

2) Digital communication = reduced mailing and labor costs

Communicating with residents on a regular basis is important to streamlining operations and improving customer satisfaction.   With traditional communication, employees had to spend hours printing and mailing letters.  The digital landscape provides an excellent opportunity for managers to save time and money. Now with software, managers can send emails, text messages, and make phone calls to their entire community in one click.  These advancements in technology enable managers to save thousands of dollars alone in electronic communication.

With Pilera’s automated communication and management platform, managers can reduce mailing costs by sending notices, newsletters, work order updates, violations, and ARC updates in a single platform.  Additionally, managers can let residents choose how they want to hear from them – phone, email & text with language preference. This enables you to improve the effectiveness of your communication efforts by delivering messages in the way that residents are most likely to consume them. 

3) Store and share documents online

HOA management companies need to share important documents with residents and board members such as company news, policy updates, CC&Rs, and more.  However, constantly printing documents to hand out at meetings or to post in common areas can become cumbersome. Digitizing your documents saves employees a lot of time as they can easily search and share files. Companies may opt to use a document management platform, but if it’s not connected to a resident portal, it can easily add extra steps to the process and reduce efficiency.

The document management system in Pilera provides a way for managers to structure documents and folders, set permissions for access, and email documents.  It\’s also connected to the resident portal and community website to provide consistency and ease of access. When a manager updates a document, they don’t need to reprint it when they are finished.  They can simply replace the document in Pilera and notify residents that a new version is available.  The document also becomes available on the community website at the same time. 

4) Send out forms electronically

Forms are a great way to collect important information and gain feedback about your services.  However, the traditional method of sending paper forms won’t suffice in the digital world.  When you digitize your forms, they are more easily accessible by residents and you can receive quicker responses than mail-in forms. Additionally, managers can quickly gain analytics on the form responses. They\’ll able to spend less time tallying responses and can focus their efforts on taking action to better the community.

Through the forms feature in Pilera, managers can customize your questions and have the form easily accessible in the resident portal. A few examples of forms that can be implemented include resident satisfaction, community improvement, and election.  Through the forms integration, managers can analyze their data in easy to understand charts.  

5) Get accurate resident contact information

Community managers need to keep in touch with residents frequently, but it’s tough to maintain the most up to date information.  Managers should not have to spend hours trying to get the right contact information. To get correct contact information faster, managers can provide a portal for residents to update their contact information when there are any changes.

Within Pilera’s resident portal, managers save time and get accurate data when residents update their contact information, vehicle, pet, alternate addresses, and other occupants to receive communication.  Anytime a resident updates contact information in Pilera, managers will receive an email notification so they are made aware of what changed. 

6) Streamline your management operations under one platform

Many management companies often use multiple software programs for communication, customer support, maintenance, and resident interactions.  However, using multiple systems can introduce inefficiencies as those software platforms cannot interact with one another and are usually not built for a single industry.  A community management platform streamlines operational efficiency by bringing your managers, staff, board members, and residents all in one platform.

Pilera’s community management software has something for everyone, keeping all your stakeholders in sync.  Managers can communicate with residents, track maintenance, deliver customer support, keep residents engaged, interact with board members, and keep vendors informed in one platform.  Board members can handle all of their tasks and see how the community is performing.  Residents can pay dues, submit maintenance requests, update contact information and preferences, and view documents, events, resident directory, and more.

There are many ways that managers can save time and money with a community management platform by transitioning their operations to digital and running their business operations in one platform instead of many separate platforms.  Through Pilera’s community management software, community managers can unify their operations by cutting their costs and positioning themselves for better growth.

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