7 Ways Resident Portal Provides Self-Service Capabilities

Giving the residents the tools that they need to have an enriching experience in their community is critical to gradually building engagement.  Tools that are built with a self-service mindset helps residents access information quickly, on any device, and with a minimal amount of help needed.  A self-service resident portal is just as beneficial to residents as it is to managers. It reduces calls to the office, giving managers more time back in the day to focus on other projects. As a management company, your customer service efforts will pay off with happier communities that want to retain your services for years to come. In this month’s manager toolkit, we discuss 7 functionalities you can leverage within Pilera to impress your residents, increase satisfaction, and improve your operations. 

1) Resident dashboard

The resident dashboard, released in January 2020, gives residents a high-level insight into what is occurring in their unit and the community.  Residents can see their current balance, how many messages they received, the number of work orders and architecture change requests of theirs that are currently open, and the number of packages waiting to be picked up.  The dashboard also gives residents quick access to view more information for each key metric.

2) Unit information management

Residents can gain access to and maintain their unit information all in one place.  Residents can manage upload unit documents for management to see. They can view the latest messages that managers have sent them and view updates on their work orders or architecture change requests.  They can also manage other occupants in the unit, and keep vehicle, alternate addresses/contacts, and pet information updated. Additionally, multi-unit owners can manage all their respective information for each unit under one login, a capability not provided by many community management platforms.

3) Online payment

As more residents continue to use their smartphones for everyday tasks, it’s important to provide them with flexible ways to pay their dues online.  Within Pilera, residents can make online payments to the bank of your choice or through our integrated partner Paylease. Residents can also view their balance and ledger to understand their financial history with the community.   

4) Community directory

A way for residents to stay connected to their neighbors is through the community directory.  Residents can opt-in to share their address, email address, or phone number with the rest of the community.  Additionally, they can view other residents who have opted in to share their contact information.

5) Document library

A document library is a place for residents to securely obtain important files that their management has shared with them.  Add documents such as emergency procedures, board meeting minutes, financials, and copies of previous month’s newsletters. Make sure to keep the document library relevant and fresh with the latest files. 

6) Knowledge base

The knowledge base is a searchable FAQ section where residents can find the answers they need quickly.  Add tags to help your residents find answers quickly and save time for your staff members. The knowledge base is as good as the content that you put it in for your residents.  Consider adding the questions that your customers ask you frequently to the knowledge base. How your residents frame the question will also help you in writing content that they can easily find and understand.  

7) Event calendar

A great way to foster engagement in the communities you manage is through hosting events and inviting your residents to take part in them.  The event calendar in Pilera helps you to handle the event details and notifications in a single place instead of in an external calendar provider.

Through these 7 self-service resident tools within the portal in Pilera, management companies are better positioned to increase efficiency in their customer service operations and deliver value that their communities will appreciate.  Make sure you keep communications, documents, knowledge base, and service requests up-to-date so that your residents will stay informed and engaged.  

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