Work Order Reports & Using Them to Make Informed Decisions

As a community or property manager, you have varied responsibilities to successfully manage work order requests.  You are tasked with maintaining operational efficiency – making sure that work orders are completed on time, that staff member aren’t overloaded, and residents are satisfied with the work done.  On a higher level, you’re also tasked with delivering important business insights that your company executives and community board members are interested in.  To achieve work order success in these areas, Pilera provides many unique reports that you can use when leveraging the platform today.  

Ticket Analytics Report

The Ticket Analytics Report aggregates the total number of created, open assigned, and closed work orders per employee and per association or apartment building.  To find the ticket analytics report, simply navigate to Work Orders under the Ticket tab, and click on this reporting option on the right-hand side.  You can then select a date range to generate the report and who you’d like to send it to. 

Now that you’ve generated the report, why don’t you try out a few of these use cases for your business?  

  • Create a pie chart that displays the distribution of workload among your staff members for the maintenance tickets that are created, closed, and open assigned.
  • Create a bar graph that displays how much work each building or community is creating for your company. Is Community “A” creating a significantly higher volume of work order requests compared to Community “B”, “C”, and “D”? You may decide to increase their management fees.
  • Take a look at the created and closed work orders. Identify any patterns such as whether maintenance staff is closing out fewer work orders than creating. Then refer to the charts you’ve created above and identified where you can distribute the workload for better performance and efficiency.  Based on your findings, you’ll be able to make decisions to assist staff members who may need additional training or an additional hand; or give kudos to your staff members that are meeting or exceeding their goals.
Sample of an employee ticket distribution pie chart that you can create based of the analytics report you generate.

Bonus Tip: With a basic understanding of pivot tables and charts via Excel, you can present all your work order efforts to your stakeholders in a visual format. Download our Ticket Analytics Guide to get started.  If you’re also using task management, architectural change requests, activity logs, and rule violations, then this is a great report for you!

Community Meeting Report

The Community Meeting Report is a useful report for presenting your company’s work order efforts to executive management as well as to community association board members. It compiles a summary of all tickets from your search criteria in the work order dashboard in a single PDF document.

To get started with this report, select your criteria for this report: community, work order type, status, assignment, category, start date, target date, etc. Then, click on the Community Meeting Report link and choose to view resident or manager comments, or both. Once you’ve added your email address, you can have this report sent straight to your inbox. Take a look!

A sample of the Community Meeting report with the manager and resident comments.

Stale Work Order Reports

The stale work order report is a weekly automated report in a Microsoft Excel format that Pilera sends to managers to help them take action on the most pressing maintenance items.  Be sure to check your inbox every Monday for this report!  This report has 3 tabs: a full list of work orders created that week, work orders that haven’t been triaged (or assigned) in the past 2 days, and a list of all work orders that haven’t been touched in 30 days.

Sample of the stale work order report.
Sample of the stale work order report. This specific report displays the work orders that are yet to be assigned to a manager or a vendor.

As maintenance is a dynamic function of property and community management with many moving parts, having comprehensive reports with the flexibility to generate the information you need is important.  As you continue to manage work orders in Pilera, these reports will help you make more informed tactical and high-level business decisions.  If you’d like to learn more about the reports or have any questions, please contact [email protected] and we’d be happy to help you! 

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