mobile responsive web portal


We are very thrilled to share our updates this month as it encompasses some of the most special projects our product development team has been working very hard on.  In this release, we’re introducing a completely new look to our software which is fully mobile-responsive! Without further ado, let’s glide through these new updates.

New Features:

1) Mobile Responsive Resident & Manager Portals

Our web portals are now fully mobile-responsive, which means that managers can take their tasks on the go, on any device.  This includes everything a manager can do in Pilera from sending communications to creating work orders. Similarly, your residents can access all of their community information on the device of their choice.  The best part is that managers and residents don’t need to download an app – simply navigate to the company or community’s portal link and stay logged in!

Mobile-responsive web portals.

2) Email Replies (Threaded Conversations) 

Due to restrictions placed on email replies by email clients such as Gmail and Outlook, residents could not directly reply to a manager’s email.  Pilera has added new capabilities in place so that managers and residents can now reply to each other’s emails with the delivery/reply statuses being tracked within Pilera.   If you would like this feature to be activated for your companies/communities, please email us at [email protected].


1) Document Library

In the document library structure that you might be familiar with, we previously implemented a tree-like structure to display folders, nested/subfolders, and files.  We\’ve made a change to the structure based on two important decisions.  Firstly, the tree would not have functioned as well on a mobile device.  Secondly, we received feedback that residents were having difficulty in navigating through the folders.  To improve the user experience, we\’ve now implemented a breadcrumb-like structure which is easier to navigate through.  This new structure is cleaner, takes less space on your screen, and works great on any device.

Document Library pre and post mobile responsive release.

2) Communications – Message Status

The message status will now display the most recent, relevant status for each message sent out first.  When you hover your mouse over the status, you will see a tip showing all other statuses of the message such as replied, delivered, received, opened, clicked, etc.

Message statuses in the message center.

3) Search Functions

An important focus for us has been to provide easy data management to our clients and central to that is being able to find information quickly.  In this release, we’ve added search capability to many features including Events, Package Notification, and Welcome Messages.

Package Notifications

4) Lease Expiration Report

The lease expiration reports now include a field that distinguishes between owners and tenants.

5) Community Drop-Down Search

To improve usability, we\’ve enhanced the community drop-down to filter only on the communities that match your search terms.

About Pilera

Pilera Software is the premier community and property management software solution that has helped thousands of community and property managers as well as back-office personnel enhance communications, improve customer service, and streamline operations.  May we help your community achieve these success stories?  Book a demo to see how Pilera’s community and property management suite can help your company today.