7 Ways to Track Guests with Pilera\’s Visitor Management System

Front desk personnel using visitor management system.

Are you looking for a better way to track guests and save time while doing so?  Last month, Pilera released a new visitor management system feature, part of the Condo & Rental product, to help property managers, front desk personnel, and security staff to maintain a safe environment for their community.  Through this feature, you’ll be able to know who is entering the community or property and better manage your guest policies. In this blog article, we discuss 7 ways to use the visitor management system to track guests.  

How to start using the new visitor management system in Pilera

Here\’s how you can start using the new visitor management system in Pilera. Managers and residents can both add contacts in Pilera.

  1. Hover over the Community tab and click on “Contact Search”.
  2. Search by the occupant name, contact name, phone number, or type of contact.  
  3. After you click on the contact name, you can update contact information, address name, business name if applicable, and keep track of interactions through notes. 
  4. When a person enters the community, you can easily track that information in the notes.

7 ways you can use the visitor management system

Let residents manage their contact list

Firstly, allowing your residents to manage their own contact or guest list in Pilera can help streamline the guest management process and save you time.  Information is accurate and up-to-date. Residents can add contact information, the type of contact for each of their guests, and a business name if applicable.  Additionally, residents can also add notes to help managers easily identify guests and the purpose of contact or visit.

Increase security in your community/building

Keep the premises safe for your residents and employees by always knowing who is entering the community or property.  When you track guest information in a secure application, it gives your employees and residents peace of mind. Phone, emails, addresses & type of contact can be accessed at any time, device, or location, which helps managers and staff improve security in a professional manner.

Contact family or doctor in an emergency

If there is an emergency situation in the community or a resident needs medical assistance, managers can easily look up family members, a doctor, or an emergency contact that they need to call.  

Residents can add doctors as contacts.

Manage compliance of guest policies

Many communities\’ CC&R\’s have guest policies about using amenities, the number of guests allowed per unit, or when they are allowed. For example, managers can restrict access to community amenities if a guest has repeatedly violated amenity rules.  Managers can monitor compliance with these rules through the visitor management system and make a note of whether a resident has violated the rule.  Then, through Pilera’s rule violation system, managers can send an electronic notice to the resident informing them of the non-compliance occurred. 

Restrict access to individuals

Managers can keep tabs on who is allowed or not allowed in the community through the notes. The notes are immediately accessible in the contact search, saving managers time. For example, if a guest arrives at the community and is not listed, managers can contact the occupant for confirmation or outright deny access to the guest.

Allow vendors to enter the community

When a resident approves a vendor to perform maintenance work for their home, they can add them as a contact.  It’s good practice to inform residents to note when the vendor will be performing the work. That way, managers know when vendors will be arriving and leaving the community. 

Residents can add vendors into the Visitor Management System as guests.

Allow family & friends

Residents can add family members and friends to the portal as visitors.  In this way, managers can allow them into the community and enable access to amenities if the CC&R\’s permit it.

Track guests easily with Pilera\’s visitor management system

Managers and security personnel can use the visitor management system in many ways to maintain the safety of the community. It also helps them provide quicker, more accurate customer service to their residents and guests. To learn more about the visitor management system and how you can get it for your communities, contact [email protected] today.  

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